Taste of the Wild Cat Food Review

If you’re interested in feeding your cat a better diet, you should consider trying a product from Taste of the Wild. This company is family-owned, and has earned a reputation for high-quality food made from natural, organic ingredients. The company’s product lines include Angus beef, salmon, venison, and vegetables.

Angus beef

Taste of the Wild Cat Angus beef is an all-natural, grain-free, limited ingredient cat food made with real Angus beef. It also contains savory seasoning, omega fatty acids, and 80 million CFU of proprietary probiotics. Your cat will be getting a complete and balanced diet made with real meat, vegetables, fruits, and legumes. It meets the nutritional levels recommended by AAFCO.

The beef used in Taste of the Wild recipes comes from cattle raised on pastures. In addition to angus beef, the product also contains lentils, a superfood packed with protein, fiber, complex carbohydrates, and essential nutrients. It also contains sunflower oil, a high source of omega fatty acids.


Taste of the Wild Cat Venison is a tasty and healthy treat for your feline friend. It is a grain-free formula that features peas, sweet potatoes, and real venison and smoked salmon. It contains natural antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals that help keep your cat healthy.

This formula has been carefully formulated by veterinarians to meet the nutritional needs of cats of all life stages. It contains 42% protein and is packed with highly digestible energy. It also features roasted venison and smoked salmon. It contains carefully selected ingredients to ensure balanced nutrition and wholesome taste.

Another great option is the Taste of the Wild Rocky Mountain Formula. This food is rich in protein and is suitable for cats of all life stages. The formula includes roasted venison and smoked salmon for the best taste. It also contains fruits and vegetables to provide natural antioxidants. This formula also contains no fillers or additives.


If you’re looking for a high-quality cat food that’s a good choice for both you and your pet, consider Taste of the Wild Cat Salmon. This kibble is grain-free, and contains peas, sweet potatoes, and real roasted venison and salmon. The salmon is smoked for a delicious flavor that your cat will love!

This food is high in protein, making it a great choice for senior cats and ailing felines. It also contains high levels of moisture, which relieves constipation in senior cats. This food is also a good choice for those with food allergies. In addition, this food is made from salmon, which is high in Omega-3 fatty acids and DHA, which aids in eye and brain development. It also contains a healthy combination of vegetables and meat, and is covered in a delicious gravy.

This food is available in wet and dry forms. Each package contains chunks of meat, vegetables, vitamins, and minerals. It also has a gravy that enhances the flavor and provides a source of protein that your cat will love. This food is sourced from the Rocky Mountain region, which is home to cougars and bobcats.

As part of the brand’s mission to offer an affordable grain-free cat food, Taste of the Wild aims to create a diet that is “balanced” and not overly complicated. This line of food is full of a wide variety of meats and unexpected proteins, such as wild boar and bison, smoked trout, smoked salmon, and Angus beef. It also gets high marks for being species-appropriate and offering a high-quality and varied product line.


Taste of the Wild cat food is rich in nutrients and vitamins. These ingredients improve your cat’s health, provide a high level of energy, and keep them happy. They also contain probiotics, which help boost your cat’s immune system and prevent hairballs. Probiotics are important because cats’ digestive tracts produce a large portion of their immunity. They help maintain your cat’s health by helping it digest its food better.

The ingredients in Taste of the Wild cat food are free of any artificial flavors or colors. The recipes are also grain-free. Besides, Taste of the Wild cat food contains no grains or other additives. As such, it’s perfect for the conscious cat owner. It’s made from natural ingredients that cats would eat in the wild. It’s also low in carbohydrates and additives, which are essential for proper cat nutrition.

Vegetables are an important part of your cat’s diet. Some cat owners choose to feed their pets raw meat or fish. These foods contain plenty of natural protein and other nutrients from animals. This helps cats recover quickly from illnesses or injuries. They also contain high moisture content, which helps prevent constipation, especially in senior cats.

In addition to proteins, these cat foods contain real fruit and vegetables. These ingredients combat oxidative stress and prevent various diseases. These foods also contain chelated minerals, which aid absorption. The minerals are easily absorbed by your cat and help maintain a healthy body weight. It’s important to note that some cats need more fat than others. These cats may have a hard time maintaining a consistent weight, or they might be very active.


Taste of the Wild cat food comes in a variety of flavors, and is especially good for active cats. Its grain-free recipes are also great for cats with sensitive stomachs. The company has strict quality control standards, and the company’s recipes contain both animal proteins and viable probiotics. These ingredients help make the food free of harmful pathogens and contaminants. This brand is one of the most trusted, high-quality recipes available, and the food is designed to mimic the diet of wild cats.

A key ingredient in the food is salmon, trout, and ocean fish meal, which are excellent sources of fatty acids for cats. Other sources of protein and vitamins include pea and potato proteins. Fermented chicory root is another ingredient, which helps keep the digestive tract healthy.

The company sources its ingredients from around the world. The company sources lamb meal and venison from Australia, duck meal from France, potato protein from Germany, and chicory root from Belgium. Vitamins and minerals are sourced from China and New Zealand. One recall of this brand occurred in 2012 after salmonella was found in the food. A press release explaining the recall can be read here. The parent company, Diamond Pet Foods, has a history of recalls and quality control problems.

Grain-free cat food is an excellent choice for many cats. Novel proteins are especially helpful for cats who are prone to allergies. They are high in protein and contain a variety of amino acids. However, they may not be digested as well as plant-based proteins.


Probiotics are beneficial for your cat’s digestive health, so feeding it a food that contains them will help your pet digest its food better. Probiotics also help to prevent hairballs and promote proper metabolism. In addition, Taste of the Wild cat food is grain-free and contains meat as its primary ingredient. The company is also committed to ensuring the safety of its ingredients by passing strict quality tests, including those that measure water quality, mycotoxin levels, and microbial testing.

The company says that the K9 strain of probiotic bacteria helps maintain the digestive tract and immune system of cats of all breeds. The K9 strain has an estimated 80 million live cultures. The ingredients in this food have been formulated to be both healthy and affordable. Many cats suffer from sensitive digestive systems and hairballs, which is why it is important to provide probiotics to prevent your cat from suffering from any of these issues.

The company states that its formulas include different types of protein, which helps your pet maintain its healthy digestive system. Another feature of this food is that it is low in fat and carbohydrates. This can be a good thing if you are on a tight budget. It is important to note that cats at different stages of life require different types of nutrients. For example, kittens’ diets are much different than those of older cats. Some may require a larger caloric intake in order to maintain their overall health.

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