European Cup win would be for the people

Liverpool are on the brink of winning their sixth European Cup and the only thing standing in their way is Real Madrid. Here’s The Anfield Talk’s Danny (@dannyhallwoorth) with how we’ll be telling stories should we win on Saturday.

When we were young we were told of those European nights – the glory days. Wembley, Rome, Paris and Istanbul all decorate our club, and will forever remain as the building blocks in which saw us take our place in the European Elite. The reminiscence of our peers of what they experienced those nights have remained a dream for most. However, the reality is, Liverpool find themselves in yet another European Cup final and the chance to add to our hoard of history feels just quite surreal.

These are the days in which in ten years time, we could be the ones throwing it back to the good old days, and much do we deserve to do so. 

In the past days us supporters have been scraping every last penny on flights, coaches, trains, buses – you name it, all to reach Kiev – the ultimatum of this scintillating journey. Like Gerrard once said, “If Liverpool played a cup final on the moon our fans would find a way of getting there”. He’s not wrong. 

It is this theme of unjust towards our supporters which has ran throughout this campaign, from Seville to Porto, to Rome and now Kiev, however its also one which has built a branch of defiance amongst Liverpool as a whole in which no-one or anyone is going to stop us winning this European Cup. This belief wasn’t just in the streets and the stands either, its been on the pitch throughout the entire campaign, and it all comes down to one thing – togetherness.

Liverpool is not just a city but also a club built on socialist values. Every person is just as important as each other and from those stood on the Kop to the eleven on the pitch, everyone has played their part throughout this campaign. When everyone inside Anfield belongs to and breathes the same notion, its an unstoppable force, (ask Man City) and the connection between the team and the fans has been palpable, reflected in the post-match celebrations in Rome. When you have so many people believing in the same dream, trust me, it’s a lot more than just 11 v 11 on that football pitch, where strength is indeed unity.

You look around at the other clubs in our country and you realise what we have is special. This bond and embrace of the all inclusive football on show is the strongest I’ve seen it in my 19 years of watching us and is one which has slowly assembled from our Europa League campaign two years ago. This time, however, we need to mark it with a reward. A trophy. Number 6. 

Istanbul had the Ring of Fire, now lets stomp Allez Allez all over Kiev. 

If the connection between the fans and the team wasn’t clear enough, the additions to the songbook is more than a symbol of appreciation to the football we have been treated to this season. Something that our songbook has been crying out for, a breed of new life. But with that must come a breed of new energy, which has come in the shape of a breed of new football. Something which has brought the city to life and picked it up, and one man who has both hands on this pick-up in Jurgen Klopp, who really has changed us from doubters to believers. 

No-one was talking about beating Roma before the first leg, everyone was already in Kiev. That is the change this man has brought to this football club, you can talk about him losing his last five finals, you can pick at the bones if you wanted to but the black and white nature of this is he has taken us back to where we belong – the big time.

He has repeated on many occasions his desire to ‘make the people happy’. That’s why he’s part of the game. Klopp loves seeing how a game of football can change peoples lives. Such words which were similarly echoed by Bill Shankly.

I was only in the game for the love of football – and I wanted to bring back happiness to the people of Liverpool.”

It’s this man who made the club what it is today, and the manager we have now clearly shares similar values and principles and so it’s not hard to see why we have come so far under this man. There’s more to it than just managing a football team, its managing a culture, a city, the people. And this man we have now gets it.

All we want at this football club is a team who gives 100% every game and we can’t ask for anymore

For a player to be good enough to play for Liverpool, he must be prepared to run through a brick wall for me then come out fighting on the other side.” – Bill Shankly

This team we have now would run through brick walls for each other and its that desire and commitment which has got us this far in the competition. Signings like Robertson and Chamberlain epitomise this belief. No-one could’ve envisaged the importance of these two players. Not only for their ability but their personality, their understanding of the club and the sheer desire to win and play for the people. The way the team are starting to play echoes the clubs ethos and as complex as it sounds, it now feels like everything is falling into place in this rise of a new dawn for the club and what better way to signify this with a European Cup. 

It’s this rise as a team which has engulfed every Liverpool fan into believing, and our part as a twelfth man in this journey cannot be overlooked. We play for each other – the team play for us and we play for them. So come the May 26 in Kiev, we’ll be there so Liverpool, – win the European Cup for us. 

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