What Is The GAMPR?

The Gampr is a large breed of dog. During the 1915 Genocide, many Gamprs were killed and others were taken to the Red Star kennels of the USSR for breeding purposes. These kennels developed the modern Caucasian Ovcharka (CO) and other experimental breeds. The Russians established special stations for the Gamprs being taken to these kennels. Only the best specimens of the breed were taken, which included the longer-haired and larger varieties.

Landrace breed

A GAMPR landrace is an aboriginal breed of dog found in the south Caucasus Mountains. Landraces differ from traditional breeds in several ways, but they are based on utilitarian characteristics, not aesthetics. They are genetically diverse, which allows them to adapt to the environment in which they live. This diversity also helps them to fit into the human culture with which they are associated.

The Armenian Gampr is a large to giant-sized landrace breed that evolved in the mountains of its historical homeland. Despite its unusual appearance, this breed is very gentle with humans and other animals. It is also very protective of livestock and family members. Despite its serious, unplayful nature, the Gampr is also very intelligent, brave, and calm. The Gampr is considered one of the healthiest breeds in the world, with a relatively long life span compared to most large breeds.

The GAMPR has a medium-length neck, a deep chest, and a long, straight back. Its tail is usually raised over its back when walking. It is not docked, but has a crescent or ring-shaped shape. The coat of a Gampr is typically two to six centimeters long and varies in color. They are preferred for their coat color instead of offal.


A good candidate for an independent guard dog job is the Gampr. These gentle giants are known for bonding with their human family members and will protect their property and family. These dogs are strong and athletic, but they should always be taught self-control during stressful situations. They are great with kids, and they love their humans and their livestock!


The Nocturnal GAMPR is an excellent addition to a family, but it requires special care. It is nocturnal, and its activity peaks between 4:00 a.m. and dusk. Because of this, it is important to keep young dogs out of livestock areas during these times. Instead, take them out with the stock after breakfast or after 9 a.m. This guideline works well for families with young children.

Its scientific name is Gammen aaechnhinaaeimn. This is short for Gammen aaechnhinaeimn eilamiiokhngsaangkaduuk. The Gammen are also known as “night-birds” due to their nocturnal activity.

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