Van Dijk to Miss Leicester Match?

Surprise, surprise, things are going wrong. The usual January collapse has arrived. It’s a little late on but we’ve been mixing things up this season, problems included. Recalling back to an article written last week about the right back situation, we’ve now opened it up to a defence situation. 

van Dijk returned to training today, his first time since the Red’s return from Dubai, as he picked up an illness whilst away and it’s believed he won’t make an appearance at Wednesday night’s match at Anfield against Leicester. The centre back has been at the heart of Liverpool’s defence and hasn’t missed a game in over a year, the last being the club’s visit to Huddersfield Town January 2018. 

Given that the defence hasn’t had a game without van Dijk in so long, it’s safe to say thing’s aren’t destined to go well for Liverpool tomorrow night. Robertson will do just fine but the likelihood of Camacho starting boosts itself up to nearly 100% without van Dijk, will Henderson be forced into the backline without van Dijk though? No one wants to see a Matip/Lovren thing going on. 

If Klopp feels that van Dijk isn’t fit enough to start then as far as we know, Lovren will be on stand by to return to starting duties despite not having played in nearly a month due to a minor hamstring injury that kept him from recent games against Brighton then Crystal Palace. It’s a risky game to bring in Lovren as a centre back when he’s out of practice and especially when teamed up with Matip. Camacho may feel out of his depth here.

Virgil, if you’re somewhere out there reading this, please come back. If Gary Lineker can literally do a poo in the middle of the pitch during Italia 90’ no one’s going to bat an eyelid if you have to be sick in the corner. You never know it could be useful, Jamie Vardy might slip in it and miss a goal. Might be worth crossing your fingers for a swift recovery, it’ll look daft in 30 years time telling the grandkids that Liverpool lost the Premier League after a start like we’ve had, all because big Virgil van Dijk got the flu.

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