Ticket Scammers Alert: Be Vigilant

When fans are buying Liverpool match tickets online it’s always wise to check out the credentials of the seller. Unfortunately sometimes people do get caught out by ticket scammers selling fake tickets. One particular site @lfcticketsell formerly operating as @lfcticketbench is currently still active on twitter. Here’s Kharn Lambert’s story.
“Basically my friend and I live in China, for six years and five years respectively, we are both British and are big Liverpool fans. We watch every game no matter what time of day it is. As it’s Chinese New Year and we had a three week holiday we decided we would try to get tickets for a Liverpool game. I did contact a friend at Christmas, he is a member of an official LFC supporters group so has access to tickets, but he was unable to get any tickets for us. We still decided to travel to England to visit family and hope that in the mean time we could grab a pair of tickets somehow.”
“As my friend couldn’t get tickets I then resorted to twitter to try and find a pair of tickets for the Bournemouth game, I searched different hashtags to try and find people selling tickets for the game (I have used twitter when I was living in the UK 5 years ago and never had a problem). After my initial search I did find a few people who had tickets available, some were probably genuine, but I decided to go with the guy @lfcticketsell because he was basically selling them for 70 quid each.
He messaged me on twitter gave me his phone number and asked me to call him. I called him and he asked what I wanted, I told him and he said yea no worries I’ve got them and said call me tomorrow when you arrive in Liverpool and I will come to meet you (this was the Friday night).”
“Saturday arrived and In the taxi on the way to the rendezvous with the seller he called me from a different number than the one he gave me the night before and asked where I was, I explained that my train had been delayed and I was in a taxi and told him my friend was in the Wetherspoons inside Lime Street, he could meet him and give him the tickets. So he met my friend outside the pub gave him the tickets and got the cash, 140 quid for two tickets.”
We hadn’t seen a live Liverpool game at Anfield for 5/6 years so we were understandably excited about what we thought was going to be a good day. Once we arrived at the ground, I spotted another ticket that someone was carrying and I instantly had a sneaking suspicion that our tickets were fake, because they didn’t have a hologram on them and when I looked closer at them and you could see discrepancies in the printing which aroused my suspicion further. The tickets were for the main stand lower tier and when we looked for our entrance gate on the tickets it was telling us to enter via gates E1-8, I instantly knew then they were fake because I knew gates E1-8 were for the Kop end and there would not be any reason to enter via those gates.
Anyway I didn’t have the guts to tell my friend because it was me that had organised the tickets, we tried to get in (me knowing that we wouldn’t be able to to), and we couldn’t, we showed the steward and he confirmed they were fake, the steward even asked where we got them from and when I told him he mentioned that he also saw this guy on twitter trying to sell tickets the night before.”
“We informed the police who basically said they couldn’t do anything because it is the club that is the victim, but I can’t understand that statement, this guy printed fake tickets and sold them he didn’t get the tickets from the club. I tried calling the guy but obviously he wasn’t going to answer. I shared the story on Twitter and Facebook because he was trying to sell tickets to the next game already.”
Overall the day out cost us about 400 quid between us (taxi was £65) and we didn’t even get to see the game. Yes we had our guard down, we were like two kids at Christmas looking forward to a good day out and obviously it is a learning curve, and this guy will probably set up a new account, but I if I can help someone so they don’t get done over it thats all I want now. I was also contacted by someone on Facebook on Saturday night who had also been caught out by this guy for the same game.”
After hearing Kharn’s story I contacted @lfcticketsell in the guise of enquiring about tickets for Liverpool v Bayern Munich and  was told tickets were £150 each. So I asked for two, then I asked if it was possible to get six tickets? ”Sure no problem.” So I was offered six tickets for the Kop at £900. When I asked for an account to make the payment the question was ignored.
When I asked them to name a meeting place and I’d meet them they said great and asked me if I had made the payment! Despite me repeatedly asking for an account to pay into, they never gave me one. I asked @lfcticketsell for a comment on fake tickets being sold via this twitter account. At time of writing this article I received no response.
Our very own Anfield Talk Writer, Sam Milline also spoke about his experience of ticket scammers.
“This Guy went by the name, John McCabe. Gave me user and password to go on the LFC account. Looked ok. I saw another story soon after about an Australian who came over who had a very similar experience. He even spoke to my uncle and text afterwards saying he’d refund the tickets. Nothing ever came and I lost contact. Reported to the police who I found out after about 12 months he was on their radar. They’re not doing anything about it do. Bank details and everything there.”
The main message is be careful. Only buy from official sites where possible and don’t put yourself out of pocket.

Robin McNamara

Former journalist Insight Magazine Dublin & published poet. Currently work at Cartamundi Ireland. Liverpool fan since I was 10. Slowly embracing blogging or whatever this is.⚽️👍🏼✨

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