The Way Forward

With a string of tough fought victories under our belts, The Anfield Talk’s Robin (@robbiemac72) looks at where the Reds go from here.

The recently played FA cup tie against the Toffees aka Everton in which our new £75 million signing and Messiah, Virgil van Dijk scored the winner shows the club are taking steps in the right direction regarding transfers and getting desired players into the club. Jurgen Klopp our new best buddy and desired wingman on a night out on the beer is being listened to by the wise men at Liverpool FC.

I personally prefer these guys to be as much in the background as possible and working as hard as possible for the manager. Whatever and whoever Klopp wants he should get no questions asked. We are a lot more active this season’s January transfer window than last year. The club is rising rapidly there is fresh optimism in the air with players no longer automatically going to Chelsea, Manchester City or Manchester United they are weighing their options and Liverpool FC is now an attractive option.

It is also a World Cup year and thus players are being guaranteed first team football for International selection. The players we currently have and the attacking style of our ‘fab four’ has highlighted the Klopp style and his man management is second to none. Are we still calling it heavy metal football? Well it’s music to my ears anyway.

The constant rumours of who’s coming and who’s going is indeed an annual pain in the old hole for any manager but especially for Jurgen Klopp who has try harder to sell the club to players due to astronomical wages being offered by Chelsea and Manchester City. They seem to have unlimited funding and perhaps one day we’ll go down that road but that’s an article for another day.

I write from the heart about my childhood passion and yes I love the Liverpool tradition and the Boot Room fable etc but to grow and develop and compete we need see what happens. Naby Keita, will be a welcome addition to the Liverpool family and will get a big welcome. Other targets including Lemar, Mahrez, will be welcome acquisitions and perhaps a cheeky bid for Alexis Sanchez would be appreciated by the fans, yes may cost £40 million quid but it’s an investment. I’m staying quite on the goalkeeping situation, the manager knows best and that’s an ongoing issue that will hopefully be resolved soon.

Upwards and onwards!

Robin McNamara

Former journalist Insight Magazine Dublin & published poet. Currently work at Cartamundi Ireland. Liverpool fan since I was 10. Slowly embracing blogging or whatever this is.⚽️👍🏼✨

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