The Rise and Fall of Loris Karius

Loris Karius’ two year loan deal to Besiktas was confirmed by the club at the end of the Brighton game. The Anfield Talk’s Dale (@coldcoldgal) takes a look back through his Anfield career…

Love him or hate him, Loris Karius has been an integral part of the Liverpool squad for two years now but his time is finally up. Turkish giants Besiktas accidentally unveiled the hotly anticipated news of the German adonis’s move this week after a photo of him in their home kit was posted to their twitter account.

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The goalkeeper has never been far from trouble since his Anfield debut nor has his name been out the mouths of keyboard warriors with #YNWA in their twitter bios. People are beginning to look to the future, with Alisson Becker set to keep up his impressive start to the season, begging the question what can Karius bring to Liverpool anymore?  With his move confirmed by both clubs at the end of the Brighton game, it’s time to ask, is this the final act of his redemption arc?

Perhaps redemption arc is harsh, it implies Karius is a villain when in fact he’s merely a victim of circumstance. Upon joining the club in 2016 Karius seemed to be performing well, so well that interest in other goalkeepers cooled off for a while. It was only a matter of time before he fell under the curse of Liverpool’s long suffering goalkeepers, unbroken since the days of Pepe Reina until Allison came in this summer.

Within his first season Karius found himself floundering, unable to keep a good score or a bad one, instead floundering between the two extremes. Not even being Klopp’s No. 1. was enough to inspire confidence in the 23 year old for too long. Only three months after signing Karius was proving Klopp needed a reliable keeper and he wouldn’t find one already in his squad.

His career at Liverpool has been littered with mistakes and second, third and fourth chances. It would be cruel to keep Karius at this point. He keeps fans on the edge of their seats for all the wrong reasons. Fans had been lucky that for the most part his mistakes had been reckless but not damaging, or at least that was until Champions League Final.

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In retrospect the 2018 Champions League Final was the final nail in the coffin. Between a concussion, a weeping apology to thousands of fans after the match and death threats there was just no coming back from it. Since then Karius has never been far from the media’s unforgiving gaze.

With the introduction of Alisson whatever confidence Karius may have had left must be shot. It can’t be comfortable to know you’re up against a keeper than cost just short of twelve times more than you did. To sit and listen to the applause Alisson gets every game can’t be easy for a goalkeeper that was told his poor performance was the curse of Liverpool keepers.

While the clean sheets continue rolling in seemingly effortlessly for the Brazilian, Karius has no future at Liverpool. Going to a club like Besiktas has the potential to be the (re)making of Karius. At a new club there’s opportunity to start anew, after all it can’t be easy to return to the pitch of a club where half the fans expect you to fail and the other half almost want you to.

A fresh start outside of European football could be just what the Doctor ordered for Loris Karius, a few months out of the spotlight in the UK and a run with one of Turkey’s most prestigious clubs. Perhaps a with a few good games under his belt and his confidence restored, Karius could have fans on the edge of their seats for the right reasons by 2020. 

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