The Anfield Roar of the 12th Man

Today’s game at Anfield is a must win game. There is no other way at looking at it. This is a team we’ve beaten in the league 4:0 twice, away from home and 3:0 in their last visit to Anfield. The reality of potentially capturing the Premier League title is now weighing heavily on the players minds. The nerves are increasing in every match played. History is weighing heavily also on the shoulders of the Liverpool fans and it showed in the previous game at home against Leicester, who probably picked up on it.
Virgil van Dijk made a comment on the atmosphere at Anfield and gave the strongest indicator yet that the fans must get behind the team against Bournemouth today. It’s one thing having the unique Champions League nights with it’s incredible atmosphere, but let’s have it at 3pm this Saturday too.
What this team is achieving is incredible if comparisons were to be made against a Manchester City team with roughly £282 million of talent sitting on the bench in their last game in their 2:0 win against Everton. Liverpool simply cannot reach the spending power of an owner who’s family run a country producing the world’s supply of oil.
However what we have done is brought in a manager who’s made some of the most astute signings in the history of Liverpool under the ownership of FSG who’ve recently announced a pre tax profit of £125 million thus breaking the world record for for a pre tax profit made by a football club. A remarkable achievement considering the club was a day away from being in administration eight years previously.
The mind games have already started with Guardiola mentioning Liverpool’s visit to Old Trafford against a rejuvenated Olé Solskjær’s Manchester United. The social media frenzy by rival fans against Liverpool suggests we’re in their heads. The now infamous Kyle Walker tweet which was swiftly deleted. The Mo Salah and DHL stunt of deleting his social media accounts and setting them up again, is just a distraction from the job at hand.
All this is superficial rubbish the real mind games happen on the pitch. This is where the games and eventually the title shall be won. We’ve got the belief, the resilience and the determination to go all the way. The crowd at Anfield needs to get behind the team for the Anfield roar.

Robin McNamara

Former journalist Insight Magazine Dublin & published poet. Currently work at Cartamundi Ireland. Liverpool fan since I was 10. Slowly embracing blogging or whatever this is.⚽️👍🏼✨

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