Social Media Reacts to: Napoli 1 Liverpool 0

2,000 miles from home and finally the Reds have been toppled, they lost against Napoli tonight in the second group stage game of the Champions League.  The 1-0 scoreline speaks for itself but The Anfield Talk’s Dale (@_evocatio) rounded up social media’s reactions to the loss. 

Early on the front three appeared to be back, Firmino and Salah working together from the offing but the opening twenty minutes was as good as it got for those three. Napoli played a targeted offensive, Insigne going forward through the weaker end of the defence with Trent Alexander-Arnold struggling. Liverpool played it safe in the first half, despite having been wasteful of possession they managed to keep the score 0-0, thanks to Alisson’s saves. 

The second half was much of the same. Trent Alexander-Arnold took another hammering from the home side whilst Alisson was once again crucial in keeping the score neutral. There was a minor issue between the fans with a flare being thrown at the away stand but it didn’t affect the game. The second half also saw a lot of substitutions but nothing did anything to improve the game, which finished on a goal from Insigne.

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