Social Media Reacts to: Liverpool 2 Fulham 0

Liverpool finally made a return to form somewhat today against Fulham. Finishing the game on 2-0, the team appeared happier than they’d been in weeks, getting back into the motions that saw them do so well in the opening weeks of the Premier League this year. After the game fans took to twitter to express their delight at the win.

There was a controversial goal disallowed from Mitrovik, which is still being argued whether it actually was offside or not. Just eleven seconds later Mo Salah scored, putting the home side ahead and giving Salah his first goal in three games. Liverpool kept possession in the first half whilst Fabinho was quick to make opportunities for his team mates.

The second half started eventfully with a goal from Shaqiri, assisted by Robertson. From here Fulham never made a comeback. With Van Dijk and Gomez working together in the back, midfield hungry for goals and Salah in the front there was little Fulham could do to pull it back.




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