Social Media Reacts to: Arsenal 1 Liverpool 1

After today’s eventful win over Arsenal at Emirates Stadium, fans took to twitter to celebrate and talk about the match. Between Welbeck’s handball, two ruled out goals and Van Dijk’s two attempts at goals there was plenty to talk about.

The first half proved uneventful. Both teams looked equally as much of a threat as they came forward but with Gomez and Van Dijk starting there was little to worry about. Early attacks on Trent Alexander-Arnold didn’t last long. As the first half went on Alisson began to be tested with shots from Xhaka and Aubameyang though he proved himself a worthy opponent to Arsenal. There were mixed opinions on Fabinho’s performance.

Mane’s ruled out goal caused some bitter feelings but this was soon forgotten when Lacazette also had one ruled out. Van Dijk had two shots at his first Premier League goal, sadly neither came to fruition. In the second half Liverpool’s midfield was seen struggling whilst Gomez and Van Dijk went toe to toe with Ozil and Lacazette. Milner planted one in the back of the net which took off the pressure until Lacazette evened the score right at the end. 


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