Silly Season Once More

It’s January (again) and once again the Winter Transfer Window is upon us. Now, Liverpool have been notoriously quiet in the mid-season transfer windows in seasons gone by, but this year we’ve already seen a much different attitude taken by the Reds, with Jurgen Klopp acquiring Virgil van Dijk from Southampton for a world record fee for a defender. The transfer window really is filled with absolute chaos and supposed “ITK’s” claiming to have the inside scoop on any and every transfer story by posting vague and low-risk guesses on their twitter accounts and leaping to eachother’s defence when someone gets something wrong.

I challenge you to watch Twitter for 12 hours and not see someone new being mentioned with a link to a transfer to Liverpool because I pretty much guarantee that it will not happen because if someone thinks they can get a few RT’s or attention for five minutes it will.

What irks me more than anything in relation to this is that people actually go along with it and believe these naff stories put out there by people who know absolutely nothing compared to the people who are actually paid to do the research on these kinds of stories.

I highly doubt that GrizzKhan has the same connections as James Pearce but as long as good ol’ Grizz acts like he does, his flow of RT’s will continue from now to the end of eternity. These people ride on the wave on the one time that they got a transfer story right but you have to remember that a broken clock is right two times a day and eventually, blagging your way through transfer windows ends up in you getting caught out.

This also leaves people who try to keep to factual information from actual sources at a loss, because none of their information is ever believed because these ‘ITKs’ have watered down the Twitter fan-base with lies and deceit.

The entire Liverpool fan-base tends to go completely mad during transfer windows and with there being a less-dense schedule of games, fans are left with more time to dwell and think upon the transfers that could be happening.

This January could end up going one of two ways for Liverpool, it could be absolutely amazing and leave us in great stead to challenge for the FA Cup, a solidified top four berth and possibly even the Champions League depending on who comes into the fray at Melwood, or it could leave us without Coutinho, no replacement brought in and struggling to juggle between Karius and Mignolet in goal, and that would not be a favourable outcome.

The Virgil van Dijk deal came out of nowhere for the Reds and I hope that something similar happens in the upcoming weeks with our rumoured targets. We knew we were interested in VVD, but no-one expected the announcement when it happened so keep your heads screwed on the right way, and if a big journalist breaks some news, believe it, but if some schmuck with a Twitter handle of “@LivRumourGuessr” says that Luis Suarez is coming back, I urge you to take it with at least a pinch of salt.

It’s not just ITKs and people on twitter that make transfer season unbearable. The actual dealings of the club are sometimes confusing and downright stupid. Like the whole business with Philippe Coutinho. You don’t have to be on Twitter or Facebook to know how stressful it is when you don’t know what is happening with one of your best players. We’ve seen it happen with Suarez and now we’re seeing it again with Coutinho, and it is a scarily similar situation. World Cup year. Disagreement at the start of the season. One of the best seasons given by the player. All in favour of a move to Barca. Just don’t go biting anyone, Phil.

Then again, people tend to overreact to some of the transfer dealings of the club. Look at how people viewed Ragnar Klavan when he came in versus how people perceive the Estonian now. Fickle, fickle, fickle. Genuinely the best way to describe Liverpool fans.

This article has been a bit of a mess, and a bit of a rant, but it has to be said and there’s no way to express this via tweets. So, just stay clever, stay vigilant and please, don’t buy the S*n.


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