Previewing Palace and Hating Hodgson

Liverpool face Crystal Palace this afternoon, making the long trip to Selhurst Park. The Anfield Talk’s Chris (@EmreCanderson) doesn’t like Crystal Palace and can’t stand Roy Hodgson.

I hate Roy Hodgson. I despise him with every fibre of my being. He exists with the sole purpose of disappointing Liverpool fans. To be compared to Roy Hodgson is a massive insult. I have once called Jürgen Klopp ‘Hodgsonesque’ and that is perhaps my most damming criticisms of the Liverpool manager.

The truth is he is nothing like the waffling Englishman. Hodgson exist to manage expectations and to stifle belief, whereas Klopp wants to weaponise belief. He thrives off it. Hodgson is dull and drab and boring and reactionary, whereas Klopp is exuberant and so often full throttle, Heath on the sleeve and exciting football, if perhaps sometimes guilty of being a tad too reactionary.

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It isn’t unreasonable to say Roy Hodgson destroyed Liverpool. His reign over the Reds set them back years, and only now, under Klopp, has the side truly returned. There’s still a long way to go, lots of shiny things to put in the trophy cupboard, but Liverpool are striding forward, the days of Hodgson banished to a dark and distant past.

He is the reason that Daniel Sturridge’s career languishes at West Brom. This is something I personally will never forgive him for. Going against a specific treatment plan set out by Liverpool caused the striker an injury, one from which he’s never truly recovered.

His World Cup campaign in South Africa was dismal, his Euro 2016 campaign was woeful, though the defeat to Iceland was a personal highlight for me. Iceland’s quick fire double was celebrated as though they were Liverpool goals. His resultant pre planned resignation tells you everything you need to know about the man. A coward. Selfish.

He had talked previously in the competition about the Sword of Damocles hanging over his head. It’s all about him. Self preservation.

When Crystal Palace signed Mamadou Sakho and then proceeded to look set to be relegated with 0 points, and then appointed the Hodge I thought all my birthdays had come at once. He’s since dragged them out of the bottom three (unfortunately) but this weekend Liverpool could, depending on results elsewhere, send them back to relegation zone. Where Hodgson belongs.

This would be a huge win for me. Palace have haunted the Reds in recent years, with the 3-3 draw in the ill-fated 2013/14 season, away wins at Anfield including the 1-3 in Steven Gerrard’s last game for the Reds, and Christian Benteke and Mamadou Sakho’s shite handshake during their win at Anfield last season.

The Reds were 1-0 victors earlier this season, and doing the double over Palace would mark an improvement over recent years. Make no mistake, this will be a tricky tie. Crystal Palace also exist solely to disappoint Liverpool fans. In that sense, Palace and Hodgson are a perfect match.

A win this weekend would be the sweetest; three points in the bag in the race for the top four, a chance to send Palace into the relegation zone, stick two fingers up at Hodgson and would serve as the perfect preparation for the midweek clash with Manchester City in the Champions League.

High stakes, and a must win.

Fuck off, Roy.

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