Predicted XI: Crystal Palace (H)

Injury looms large overhead at Anfield but today’s game against Crystal Palace should be somewhat straight forward. After both Robertson and Trent Alexander-Arnold signed new long term contracts this week spirits should be high amongst the team and with a bit of luck we’ll stay ahead for another week.

Alisson: Without injury there’s absolutely no reason I can see why Alisson will be getting any rest this season. Especially now there’s only four points between Liverpool and City there’s not much room to play around. On a good day the likes of Zaha are dangerous and it’s too much of a risk to go without Alisson.

Milner: Given the injury situation there’s a very good chance Milner will be starting on the back line, and if not it’ll be Fabinho. Whilst it’s not an ideal situation, Milner’s probably the least likely to do things wrong. Decent compromise.

Matip: He returned to training this week following surgery on a fractured collarbone so there’s a good chance Klopp will throw him back in the mix to keep the likes of Fabinho on the sidelines ready to come on and take over if needs be.

Van Dijk: Again, there’s no reason why Van Dijk will ever not start without injury. Time after time he’s proven himself to be one of the integral parts of the Liverpool team. Without Trent and Gomez the back line needs the discipline of Virgil to hold it together against an attacking side like Crystal Palace. 

Robertson: The Scot has recently signed a new contract to keep him at Liverpool for another five years so no doubt he’ll be more than chipper on the pitch this weekend. The boss is likely to play him in his natural left back, he’s proved himself to be a reliable asset through the recent spate of injuries and he’ll no doubt be fighting for his starting place when Ox, Trent and Gomez return shortly.

Lallana: Lallana’s been alright with the chances he’s had. He’s a great technical player and once he’s got the ball it’s hard to make him give it up. Until the injuries clear up we’ll be seeing more of him.

Henderson: Of course the boss is going to have to play the captain. Since the red card a few months ago it looks like he’s been eager to make things better. Sometimes too eager. Recently he’s not quite been on it but this would really be a great time for him to get it back.

Shaqiri: Genuinely I’m surprised he hasn’t been given more starts recently, Shaq has been proving himself to be more than worth it in the past couple of weeks. He’s made opportunities and scored a couple of by the skin of the teeth goals.

Firmino: Bobby’s been a little off beat recently but he’s still working well part of the team and there’s no reason he’d not be starting against a team like Crystal Palace. 

Salah: There’s no doubt Mo Salah will start, he’s been carrying the front three and will continue to pick up the slack until Mane is back on form. Coming up against the likes of Wan-Bissaka should prove a moderate threat to Salah, more for the sake of injury than technical ability.

Mané: There’s no denying he’s been doing very little the past few weeks but it’s not like Klopp’s going to risk starting Sturridge for the sake of this. Mané will start and I’d imagine he’ll get be subbed pretty quickly in the second half if needs be.

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