Player Ratings: The 2017-18 Season

The Anfield Talk’s Chris (@EmreCanderson) was given the enviable task of rating everyone who’s played this season…

The Reds enjoyed a good season that saw them qualify for next season’s Champions League in fourth place, and reached the final of this season’s competition. Though the final resulted in disappointment, the journey to it produced many fine nights that will live long in the memory.

The final league finish is a bit disappointing, with several draws at the end of the season coming as a result of having to rotate for the Champions League meaning the Reds slipped down the table.

Anyway, the ratings…

The Goalkeepers
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Loris Karius- 5/10
Had an abysmal start to the season, including a game against Arsenal where they conceded four and he didn’t face a shot yet was still comfortably the worst player on the pitch. Went through a sort of ‘rejuvenation’ but still made mistakes, such as those against Roma. And then made the mother of all fuck ups in the final. Twice. Has he been concussed since he signed?

I can remember celebrating his first save of the season and I’m fairly sure it was this year. Mind you, it’s hard to be objective with the constant flashbacks of him passing the ball to an unmarked centre forward in Liverpool’s first Champions League final in eleven years, and then passing the ball into the net a little bit later on in the same Champions League final.
Simon Mignolet- 6/10
Don’t actually think he did a lot wrong this season. Obviously had the Arsenal game, the 3-3, where he was poor but otherwise, meh.
Danny Ward- N/A
Must be shite if he isn’t getting a game ahead of the other two things we call goalkeepers.

The Defenders
Nathaniel Clyne- N/A
Been injured.
Joe Gomez- 7/10
Filled in pretty well at right back. Don’t think it’s a long term option and don’t know how well he’ll do at centre halve but he did alright. Doesn’t seem able to deal with balls over the top but he’ll learn, hopefully. Shame about his injury.

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Trent Alexander-Arnold- 9/10
He is the absolute business. Kicked off the Champions League campaign with a great free kick. Had some tough times, with back to back poor games against Man United and Crystal Palace but came back and finished the season strongly. Was targeted by City and Madrid and had the better of Sané and Ronaldo, and not many players can say that.
Dejan Lovren- 8/10
Had some clangers early on- Tottenham and United- but had an excellent end to the season. Was probably man of the match in the final, and can say he was a main reason that Liverpool reached the final.

Shame he’s going to prison.
Virgil van Dijk- 9/10
Signed for £75m then lashed the Ev out of the FA Cup. What you want.

He’s looked class, and doesn’t seem phased by making mistakes. Thought he was going to kill Karius in his first couple of games, the way he was shouting at him. I wish he had.
Joel Matip- 5/10
I quite like the way everyone’s forgotten he exists. I genuinely forgot he played for us for a bit. Life was good.

Anyway, he did alright. There’s moments like Newcastle away where he let one of the slowest forwards in the league outpace him, and he can’t head the ball and he’s made of crisps, but yeah, did alright.
Ragnar Klavan- 10/10
Has the greatest song in the league, has all the tricks up his sleeve, and scored the winner against Burnely. What a season.
Alberto Moreno- 6/10
Was rehabilitating quite well until Sevilla showed up and he remembered who he was. To be fair, he did well up until his unfortunate injury.
Andrew Robertson- 9/10
Quite clearly the greatest full back in the league. Had to wait ages for his start but it was worth it. Has been pretty much excellent since his introduction, and he properly gets what it is to be Liverpool. Remember that class bit of pressing against City? Absolutely what you want.

The Midfielders
Philippe Coutinho- 8/10
Let’s get the rat out of the way early. Actually got his head down and worked well, and was probably having the best season of his Liverpool career. And then decided to fake an injury and kick up a fuss, again.
Georginio Wijnaldum- 7/10
Think he had a poor/anonymous start to the season but to be fair to him he showed up when he was needed. Fantastic game as the #6 away at City in the Champions League and a well timed first away goal against Roma.
James Milner- 8/10
Soz abar all of you who thought he wouldn’t get a game.

Ended up breaking the record for the number of assists in a single Champions League campaign, overtaking the worlds most expensive footballer.

Did loads of good stuff at centre mid, and showed he’s still a serious option.

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Jordan Henderson- 8/10
If you don’t rate Henderson you should probably stop reading now because football clearly isn’t the sport for you. Try golf or something.

Really strong end to the season, playing a crucial part in the latter stages of the Champions League, and will still play a big part next season, despite what the Internet weirdos think.
Emre Can- 0/10
Was going to give him a serious rating then I decided I couldn’t be arsed.

I think he’s the slowest player I’ve ever seen. He has the turning circle of a tank and the spatial awareness of a potato: he’s the only player I’ve seen be surprised that there’s twenty one other lads on the pitch with him.

How long’s he taking with this contact at Juventus, by the way? By the time he’s finished signing it the pen will have dried out.
Adam Lallana- N/A
Was injured. Was rubbish. Was injured. And repeat.
Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain- 8/10
I was dead excited when he signed and then very concerned when he looked like he might be rubbish. Very pleased to announce he’s not rubbish.

His positional sense, his driving runs and his linking of play was sorely missed after he was injured, and it’s a real shame he missed out. Could’ve been the difference in Kiev.

Hurry back, my sweet prince x.

The Forwards
Danny Ings- 5/10
I have no interest in watching the charade that is him playing football.
Dominic Solanke- 6/10
Finally scored a senior goal. Not been a great season to be honest, but he’s young and promising, he’ll hopefully show more next season.
Daniel Sturridge- 6/10
Looked good in the brief spells we saw him before Christmas. Changed the game against Leicester, notched the opener against Huddersfield and scored off the bench against Maribor. Was two in two and finally starting to look sharp again then got dropped for several games and got a random start against Chelsea weeks later. Mismanaged.

Love you, mate.
Roberto Firmino- 9/10
Loads of goals, loads of harrying, loads of mad celebrations and loads of looking the wrong way. Never change, Bobby.

Should probably sign someone like him. Or clone him. Because when he doesn’t play we look considerably poorer, and he can’t play every game.
Sadio Mané- 9/10
For someone who’s ‘been out of form’ he’s been fantastic. Great end to the season, particularly, with several important goals. Still the only player to be sent off for a high boot challenge this season.

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Mohamed Salah- 10/10
The Egyptian King. What can be said about him that hasn’t already been said?

I think of Man City away, when the ball falls to him and he dinks it over Ederson. I think of him starting down the crowd, starting down the limbs, arms outstretched.

So many great Mo Salah moments, too many to recall, and a truly remarkable season. He unfortunately didn’t get the chance to create more in the Champions League final, but will hopefully enjoy a good World Cup and then return to the Reds for another fantastic season.

Up the Reds.

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