Player Ratings: Sevilla 3 Liverpool 3

Ben Yedder (51′, 60′ pen), Pizarro (90+3′) // Firmino (2′, 30′), Mané (22′)


The Reds are European Royalty at their very best for 45 minutes and then they are a calamity for another 45 minutes. 3 wonderful goals cancelled out by 3 poorly conceded goals.

It takes two minutes for Liverpool to open the scoring, Roberto Firmino tapping in a flicked on corner. They double the lead through another corner, this time Sadio Mané contorting to head home. The third comes from Firmino again, Mané’s shot parried into his path and an audacious no-look finish to cap off an excellent first half.

So, you’d think that was that?

Nah, this is Liverpool.

Sevilla come out and attack the second half, as you’d expect. Alberto Moreno reverts to his original self and gives them a free kick, from which they score. Liverpool self implode, as we have seen all too many times, and Moreno gifts them a penalty, which they score (twice). The third comes a minute from full time, as a corner isn’t dealt with and drops at the feet of Pizarro who fires home.

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The Reds. The infuriating Reds.

Loris Karius- 5/10
‪Makes a very smart save at 0-1 and another later in the game. That said, think he’s poor for their first and he just threw himself at a corner for their penalty. Also one that he catches cleanly and distributes straight away, where a calmer presence and slower distribution would’ve benefited the side. ‬
Joe Gomez- 7/10
Solid defensively. Generally sound.
Dejan Lovren- 7/10
Strange that a team can concede three goals yet both centre halves actually played well. Was coming for balls and winning them, looked solid.

Ragnar Klavan- 7/10
As with Lovren, looked solid.
Alberto Moreno- 3/10
Oh Albie, here we are again. Poor to give them a free kick for their first but I think he’s unlucky for their penalty. Then again, there’s a lot to be said for not giving the referee a decision to make.
Georginio Wijnaldum- 5/10
Didn’t really notice him. In a positive way in the first half, but in typical Gini Wijnaldum fashion he disappeared once the tide was against Liverpool.
Jordan Henderson- 6/10
Thought he had a good first half to be honest, with plenty of pressing and positive play. Was unfortunately a passenger in the second half, though it can’t have helped having to play all three central midfield roles.
Philippe Coutinho- 5/10
He’s got them on toast in the first half but faded in the second. Can’t say I noticed him too much until he was hooked, not that I think he was particularly bad.
Mohamed Salah- 5/10
Not vintage Salah. Did some good stuff in the first half but nothing tremendous, and largely ineffective in the second.
Roberto Firmino- 6.5/10
Gets his first through awareness and there’s a beautiful arrogance about the second. Good to see him back amongst the goals. But in the second, I want more from him. I want hold up play, win a foul, buy some minutes. Don’t do flick ons.
Sadio Mané- 6/10
Took up some good positions and was part of some good moves in the first half, and had the chance to put the game to bed in the second. Literally nothing stuck to him in the second half.

Emre Can- 0/10

Ran on the pitch and pushed someone over for no real reason. Jürgen Klopp should be doing everything in his power to trade him in for Naby Keïta in January.
James Milner- 3/10
I like James Milner at left back a lot and his first words running onto the pitch were “fucking come on”. That’s something I can get behind. Unfortunately, he just lashed the ball forward whenever he got the chance and that wasn’t helping.
Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain- N/A
Ran onto the pitch.

Wissam Ben Yedder- 0/10
Shit social media game, lad.

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