Player Ratings: Manchester City 1 Liverpool 2 (1-5 on Aggregate)

Jesus (2′) // Salah (56′), Firmino (77′)


The Reds are fucking magic.

Keep saying it. Repeat it.

The Reds are fucking magic and they are semi finalists in the Champions League.

The worst possible start happened. That didn’t phase them. They fought for each other and battled for each and bailed each other out.

This is a team and this is a special set of lads. Look at the celebrations for both of the goals and at the end. They get what it is to be Liverpool. They understand it.

Players are criticised all the time and there will be analysis to come, there will be faults to pick but tonight’s lets drink it. Let’s sing songs about every single one of those footballers and let’s put them on a pedestal, let’s dream of lifting the shiny thing in Kiev.

Let’s believe.

Believe, because the Reds are fucking magic.

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Up the semi final Reds.

Loris Karius- 9/10
Don’t think he’s great for their goal or the first of their two disallowed goals. Otherwise think he’s alright. Ran the length of the pitch to celebrate both goals so gets two extra points.
Trent Alexander-Arnold- 10/10
Once again, absolutely brilliant. Gets booked very early on but manages his game well and contains Sané. Made some good runs forward too.

Really proud of him, to have had two poor games prior to the first leg, but absolutely turn it round and produce two of the finest performances of the season.
Dejan Lovren- 10/10
Colossus at the back. Two brilliant performances that helped keep Manchester City’s chances to a minimum. Made an absolutely crucial block at 1-0 and a fantastic diving header late in the game.
Virgil van Dijk- 9/10
Poor for the first goal in that he should play to the whistle but it’s a difficult ball to deal with. Was otherwise very good.
Andrew Robertson- 10/10
Think he was great. Defended well in the first half and got forward well in the second. Mad how we’ve got the best left back and right back in the league.
James Milner- 10/10
Was flinging himself in front of everything and was all over the pitch. Harried and hassled and was generally magnificent.
Geroginio Wijnaldum- 9/10
Was somewhat sceptical pre game and especially after the first half, but was brilliant in the second. Grew a pair and showed constantly, and played a key role in the all important first goal.
Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain- 9/10
Wasn’t great in the first half but was massive in the second. Absolutely threw himself in front of one shot and was pressing someone on the other side of the pitch a few seconds later.

Once again, I find myself very jealous of Perrie Edwards.
Sadio Mané- 10/10
Unfortunate to be harshly booked early on but managed his game well. Brilliant run for Salah’s goal, the perseverance to push through. Also put in a shift defensively, really helping Alexander-Arnold.

Roberto Firmino- 10/10
Always beautiful and always mental. Was scared he was going to be sent for his relentless pressing. Didn’t matter in the end as he sat Otamendi down and tucked it in the bottom corner to get the win. Sumptuous finish.

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Mohamed Salah- 10/10
Imagine thinking you can keep him contained for ninety minutes. Only needs a second to make an impact, and a second was what he got. Proved himself to be the coolest man in the stadium as he sat Otamendi down (there’s a trend here) and lift it over his head to seal the tie.

Ragnar Klavan- 10/10
He’s beautiful, isn’t he?
Nathaniel Clyne- 7/10
Did alright and good to see him making a return from injury.
Danny Ings- N/A
Ran on the pitch. Hope he gets sold in the summer.

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