Player Ratings: Liverpool 4 Manchester City 3

Oxlade-Chamberlain (9′), Firmino (59′), Mané (61′), Salah (68′) // Sané (40′), B. Silva (84′), Gündogan (90+1′)


They’re fucking marvellous, these Reds. The best side in the country, possibly even Europe, stroll into town and get shown the way to go home.

Everyone helps everyone out. They’re mates and they’ll fight for each other and they’ll fight to the end.

And they absolutely blitz the best side in the country. Make their collective head fall off. That nine minute period from 59′ to 68′ is possibly the best football I’ve seen this season and it is absolutely sumptuous. They can’t deal with it. They can’t live with the Reds. For the first time this season City looked lost, devoid of conviction and quite frankly done in. The Reds did that.

4-3 flatters them. You could argue 4-1 flatters them.

They’re fucking marvellous, these Reds.

Walk around them, enjoy them, savour them.

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Up the Reds.

Loris Karius- 0/10
Let’s get the negative out of the way early. Once again, he’s fucking shite. Beaten appallingly at his near post for the first, doesn’t even dive for the second or third. Their goalkeeper made an absolute show of himself and yet Karius was still worse. Also, notice everyone else posts a picture of the group and of the team after the win? Karius? Pictures of himself. Hope he never starts for Liverpool again, should stick to being an Instagram model.

Joe Gomez- 7/10
Sells himself way too easily for Sané’s goal, like he has a few times this season. Recovers well though, and keeps him at bay for the majority of the second half.
Joel Matip- 8/10
Think he might be able to do better for their first but otherwise he’s great. Stepped out loads, won loads, loads of tackles. Not been his biggest fan this season but he was great.
Dejan Lovren- 8/10
Think he’s brilliant. So much is made of van Dijk missing out pre game but these lads were unbeaten in 16 before he turned up. These lads know what they’re doing without him.

Showed leadership and maturity, and was really brave in stepping out of defence into the midfield to win his battles.

Unbeaten as Liverpool captain. Leader. Legend.
Andrew Robertson- 10/10
Andy Robertson gets what it is to be Liverpool. He showed it against Everton and he showed it again yesterday. That little bit of snide with the push on Sterling showed that. Loved that pressing run and celebrated the foul at the end of it more than any goal.

Made up that for all the time he’s spent working away and on the bench that he’s finally got his chance and has seized it with both hands.
Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain- 10/10
Beautiful goal. Just picked up the ball, was so direct that he took out three City players without needing to do anything special and slotted one in the corner. Decided he had Danilo on toast the second he stepped on the field.

So much was made of Liverpool without their creative spark, Phil Coutinho. But that first half performance from Oxlade-Chamberlain was one of the best I can remember. Everything good went through him, he was involved in everything.

Battered Man City and went home to Perrie Edwards. Don’t know if I’m more jealous of him or of her.
Emre Can- 8/10
Really good first half. Along with Oxlade-Chamberlain was crucial at keeping them penned back early on. Don’t think he was great in possession, he was still a bit ponderous, but was good out of possession and at winning the ball back.
Georginio Wijnaldum- 8/10
Easily his best game for a while. Showed loads of strength and graft, especially in one instance where he shielded the ball from three City players.
Sadio Mané- 8/10
Loads of graft and hard work in the first half. Loads of nice stuff in the second. Has the early chance with the ball over the top and when he mid controls if you wonder, just wonder, if it won’t be his day. He hits the post and you wonder. Then he smashes one top bins and you no longer wonder.
Roberto Firmino- 10/10

Wins the ball back loads, for Oxlade-Chamberlain’s goal. Nice of him to channel Fowler to almost inch-perfectly recreate that goal. Mind you, that ball hung in the air for an eternity.
Mohamed Salah- 8/10
Pops up once or twice in the first half but is generally quiet, but was much more influential in the second. Pressed the mistake for Mané’s goal and was sensational for his own. Lovely ball before Ederson makes a mess of things and then the touch, the touch is delectable. Great finish too.

James Milner- 5/10
Came on in a very tough, quick game and didn’t really have time to get up to speed. Decided to come on and lash people all over the gaff.
Ragnar Klavan- 10/10
Ran on and looked beautiful.

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