Player Ratings: Liverpool 3 Manchester City 0

Salah (12′), Oxlade-Chamberlain (20′), Mané (31′)


Several managers and teams have done so in European competitions in recent years.

It has not ended well for them.

Manchester City and their fans did so.

It did not end well for them, either.

We have been told for the past year and possibly even more that Manchester City are the best side in Europe and probably even the world but twice they have been unable to live with the Reds and more importantly unable to live with the Reds in the streets and the stands.

They couldn’t live with the Reds on the pitch being their absolute best. Being first to every ball. Being absolutely clinical when it mattered. They couldn’t live with Trent Alexander-Arnold having the game of his life and completely nullifying one of their biggest threats.

Up the Trent Alexander-Arnold’s Reds.

Loris Karius- 10/10
Didn’t make a save but he’s beautiful and he’s red and he’s gorgeous.
Trent Alexander-Arnold- 10/10
There was loads made of how Alexander-Arnold would deal with Leroy Sané in the days leading up to the game. It turned out his plan was just to lash him in his pocket. It worked quite well.

Undoubtedly the man of the match, was first to everything, had the pace and the strength to get back and recover on the odd occasion he needed. Had the better of Sané all game, to the point where he simply stopped trying to get past. Also put a beauty of a cross in for Mané, which really should’ve ended up in the net.

A performance to remember, something to pin your hopes and dreams on for he is sublime and he is red and he is the future.
Dejan Lovren- 10/10
Loads was made of him too, and the battle between him and Matip for the chance to partner van Dijk and the fact of the matter is that Dejan Lovren should absolutely be that man. A fantastic performance that resulted in Man City not having a single chance worthy of noting. Not to mention his diving header clearance, flying in with a high boot looming.

Much maligned over the course of his Liverpool career but he is red and he is brilliant and he is gorgeous.
Virgil van Dijk- 10/10
Quite simply a brilliant footballer. Won everything that came near him and was generally his impervious, divine self.
Andrew Robertson- 10/10
Pep Guardiola was so scared of him that he decided to put a midfielder at right wing to try and stop him. It didn’t matter as he legged it away time and time again until Gundogan decided to wander around in centre mid for a bit. Dealt with Sterling well once he came on. Scottish and red and wonderful.
James Milner- 10/10
If you’d told me at the start of the season that he’d be leading the assists chart for the Champions League I’d have laughed. Along with Henderson, managed to ensure DeBruyne and Silva were virtually anonymous, especially first half. Worked hard for the team and was generally beautiful and red and amazing.
Jordan Henderson- 10/10
Harried and hassled and pressed all night. Screened the back four well and worked particularly hard in the second half. Showed great awareness to get booked so he has a clean slate for the semis. Wonderful and red and quite frankly divine.
Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain- 10/10
Probably one of the best nights of his life, and he goes home to Perrie Edwards every night. Linked the midfield and the attack well and absolutely twatted his goal in. Midfield was missing something when he was moved further up the field when Salah went off but he created space well.

Absolutely sumptuous and I don’t know if I’m more jealous of him or of Perrie.

Sadio Mané- 10/10
Was brilliant in the first half and grafted in the second. Sat some of their lads down and got a goal. Beautiful and red and sumptuous.

Roberto Firmino- 10/10
Not at his dazzling best but grafted throughout. Notably tired as the game went on, which was an unusual sight. Still, absolutely mental but red and gorgeous.
Mohamed Salah- 10/10
Imagine starting a centre halve who’s new to the league against the best player in the league. Nice one, Pep. Well taken goal, with his trademark coolness and notched an assist. The Egyptian King and red and absolutely beautiful.

Georginio Wijnaldum- 10/10
Think he started fairly poorly but grew into it. But, the Reds are boss and he’s gorgeous so he gets a 10.
Dominic Solanke- 10/10
Still waiting for a senior goal but almost had a senior assist. Looked gorgeous and the Reds are sound. 10.
Alberto Moreno- 10/10
Ran around loads and looked gorgeous doing it.

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