Player Ratings: Liverpool 1 Everton 0

Origi (90+6’)


Liverpool are rubbish. Liverpool are dire.

Everton are actually alright. They have chances to win. They don’t deserve to lose.

But Everton are Everton and will always revert to type. They lose.

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Up the not-Everton Reds.

Alisson Becker- 9/10
Made a couple of crucial saves at 0-0. Took the free kick that reverted Everton to being Everton. Looked gorgeous.
Trent Alexander-Arnold- 7/10
Played pretty well and put the ball in in the lead up to the goal. Good celebrations.
Joe Gomez- 8/10
Made a crucial clearance of the line at 0-0. Stood up to Richarlison when he was trying to be a snide.
Virgil van Dijk- 7/10
Also defended well. Bet he had visions of his shot nestling in the top corner but what happened was much better.
Andrew Robertson- 7/10
Got forward plenty and defended well enough. The usual.
Georginio Wijnaldum- 5/10
Not entirely sure he came out for the first half to be honest. Did lots of backwards and sideways stuff in the second. His name isn’t Jordan Henderson though so he gets a free pass.
Fabinho- 7/10
Played well. Made some good tackles and interceptions. Made a couple of late tackles though.
Xherdan Shaqiri- 7/10
Did alright. Should’ve scored in his one-on-one. Would like to see more of him.
Roberto Firmino- 3/10
Absolute disasterclass. Can’t really remember him doing anything of note.
Sadio Mané- 5/10
Should’ve walked away with a couple of goals. Stole one off Sturridge’s toes late on. Other than those chances, I can’t remember anything of note.
Mohamed Salah- 6/10
The best of the front three on the evening but I’m not sure that is any great achievement. Did some nice bits and could’ve earned a penalty.

Naby Keïta- N/A
Ran on and did a bit. Wasn’t given long enough.
Daniel Sturridge- N/A
As above. Mané took a shot off him.
Divock Origi- 10/10
I mean, what more do you want?

Jordan Pickford- 0/10
The ultimate EDL goalkeeper. Shouts a lot and always boots it out of play. Yer da loves him. He’s actually shite.

I actually can’t comprehend what he did at the end. I don’t understand why he didn’t let it go out. He literally brings it back into play.

His music taste’s shite too.

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