Player Ratings: Arsenal 3 Liverpool 3

Sánchez (53′), Xhaka (56′), Özil (58′) // Coutinho (26′), Salah (52′), Firmino (71′)


Liverpool are lovely and sumptuous and on top for so long and then they lash it out the window for five mad minutes. They endeavour to get the third and equalising goal.

Bloody hell, Reds.

Simon Mignolet- 3/10
‪Didn’t really have anything to do in the first half, then everything he had to to do in the second half he did wrong. Appalling error for the second. The one from Özil that he tips over is a good save, despite the groans it brought. ‬
Joe Gomez- 6/10
Was good but then he totally kills us with that mistake. Appalling mistake. Recovers pretty well.
Dejan Lovren- 8/10
Probably had his best half as a Liverpool player in the first half. In the contest for Man of the Match.
Ragnar Klavan- 7/10
Was also solid in defence, gave Roberson a poor ball in the buildup to their third but was otherwise good.
Andrew Robertson- 6/10
Got caught out by Bellerin on the overlap a few times in the second half but was otherwise good.
Emre Can- 5/10
Think he’s generally pretty poor. Was slow (as usual) and his meandering runs where generally pointless and nearly always a stride to many. Feels a bit like “get on me, I’m boss”. Only he isn’t.
Jordan Henderson- 8/10
Giving him an 8 so cop for that, hurry back my sweet prince. xo
Philippe Coutinho- 7/10
Think he’s excellent first half but faded badly in the second. Lovely run and a delightful finish for his goal.
Mohamed Salah- 8/10
As usual, could have had five. Gets the one and that’s okay. Good throughout.
Roberto Firmino- 9/10
Worked hard all night, pressing and harrying. Deserved his goal but gets a massive slice of luck with it.
Sadio Mané- 6/10
Going through a sticky patch of form where nothing seems to come off for him. Touch was off and decision making was poor.

James Milner- 6/10
Think he’s alright. Did all the facilitating of the boss players you could possibly want.
Georginio Wijnaldum- N/A
Ran on the pitch. Did some stuff.
Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain- 10/10

The people celebrating Henderson’s injury- 0/10
Fuck off, you pricks.

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