Places to See and Things to Do in Minidoka County, Idaho

Minidoka County in Idaho is home to a population of 21,613. The county seat is Rupert. There are many places to visit in Minidoka County. Some of these are Dierkes Lake Park, Shoshone Falls, and Rock Creek County Park.

Dierkes Lake Park

There are several things to do in Minidoka County, Idaho. This small county has a population of 21,613 people and its county seat is Rupert. The largest city is Boise, but there are plenty of small towns to explore as well.

One place to see and do in Minidoka County is the historic Minidoka Internment Monument. This place is a 45-minute drive away from Boise and is a great stop on a road trip around the state. Afterwards, you can see the former state penitentiary, which was closed due to riots.

The Hagerman Horse Museum is another great place to see. This well-curated museum houses a full-cast replica of an ancient horse fossil known as the Hagerman Horse. This animal is considered the link between prehistoric equines and modern horses. The Hagerman Horse is also Idaho’s official state fossil. The museum is located at the Hagerman Visitor Center, where you can visit it for free.

You can also stop in at Craters of the Moon National Monument, which is made up of lava flows and fissures. The park is open all day and offers many activities. One can even go rock climbing in this park. During your stay in the area, don’t miss the many places to see and things to do in MINIDOKA COUNTY, Idaho.

Another great place to visit is Lake Walcott State Park. The park has cabins and campsites for campers. There is also a nice picnic area. The park is an ideal day trip from Twin Falls. While you’re there, you can also visit the Minidoka County Historical Society.

The beautiful Yellowstone National Park is also within the county. You can drive to the park’s west entrance through the Bechler Ranger Station, which is less crowded than other routes. The road is gravel, so you’ll have easy access to backcountry trails.

If you’re a history buff, you’ll want to visit the Minidoka County Historical Museums. They hold historical, cultural, and religious artifacts. There are several art galleries in Minidoka County. You can also check out the smaller towns around Minidoka, such as Rupert and Salmon. Salmon is an excellent place for outdoor activities like hiking and biking.

Shoshone Falls

Shoshone Falls in Minidok, Idaho is a natural beauty on the Snake River. The falls are more than 200 feet high and are the highest in Idaho. Visitors can enjoy hiking trails, picnic areas, and a boat ramp. There is also a scenic overlook. Shoshone Falls is open year-round. Located on the Snake River, Shoshone Falls is six hundred and fifty miles upstream from the Columbia River.

The best time to see Shoshone Falls is during spring and early summer, when the snow pack melts. However, you should take note that the water flow can dramatically decrease during the summer and fall months because the water is diverted to a reservoir system upstream of the falls.

Since the mid-19th century, visitors have been visiting Shoshone Falls. In fact, travelers on the Oregon Trail frequently stopped to see this stunning waterfall. In 1900, locals lobbied Congress to create a national park here. The proposal was never approved, but in 1932, Federick and Martha Adams donated the land to the city of Twin Falls under the condition that it would be maintained as a public park. In 1933, the State of Idaho also donated the land to the City of Twin Falls.

Minidoka County is located in southern Idaho. It’s roughly 160 miles east of Boise and ninety miles west of Pocatello. It has 480,000 acres and forty percent of it is considered farmland. There is also a unique topography and elevation to the area, as the county is surrounded by lava flows.

Near the town of Hagerman, Idaho, is the Minidoka National Forest. This two million-acre national forest is home to a wide variety of plants and animals, including bobcats, wild turkeys, and mule deer. It is open twenty-four hours a day.

Shoshone Falls is one of the most spectacular waterfalls in Idaho. Visitors can swim or enjoy the scenic views.

Rock Creek County Park

When visiting Minidoka County, you should take time to explore the Sawtooth National Forest, a two-million-acre preserve that is home to many types of wildlife and a variety of plants and trees. You can hike through the park or take a bike ride on the trails. There are also numerous birding opportunities. The best times to visit are spring and fall, or around sunrise, sunset, or night. The park also has a visitor center and a feature movie.

The Orton Botanical Garden is a five-acre botanical garden that features interesting plants. The collection includes a wide variety of cacti, as well as native Idaho plants. You can also see a variety of butterflies and songbirds while you’re there.

If you love history, you’ll want to visit the Minidoka County Historical Museum, which features religious and cultural artifacts from the area. This museum is located in Rupert, Idaho. Other attractions include a marble soda fountain that has been stored since 1926 and is still fully operational. You can buy jars and bottles from the fountain, and it still has its original supplies. In addition, there are many other artifacts to see, including a restored sheep wagon and a permanent wave machine. This museum also displays items from the historic Minidoka Dam. In addition, there are many outdoor activities that are popular in the area. Biking is one of the most popular forms of recreation in the area.

Another great place to visit while visiting Minidoka County is Rock Creek County Park. This park is beautiful and offers many activities. The park has a playground, disc golf course, and RV park. You can also check out the Hummingbird Trail, which used to be a junkyard, but has since become a haven for buzzing birds.

For history buffs, the Minidoka County Museum features a 1906 railroad depot, a caboose, and a genuine Russell steam engine tractor restored to its original colors. You can also check out the Minidoka County Fair and Rodeo for family fun. During the fair, you can see livestock, horse races, and other events, while enjoying delicious dutch oven cobbler, freshly baked pies, and an ice cream social.

Minidoka Dam

If you are planning to visit Minidoka County Idaho, then you will probably be interested in visiting the Minidoka National Wildlife Refuge. The refuge is located on the Snake River Plain, 12 miles northeast of Rupert. It encompasses 80 miles of shoreline around Lake Walcott, and it extends upstream for about 25 miles from the Minidoka Dam.

Another place to see in the area is the Minidoka National Monument. This is a monument that remembers the Japanese Americans who were incarcerated here during World War II. It’s a good place to learn about history and see beautiful landscapes. Plus, there are many species of birds that call this area home.

If you are a nature lover, you’ll find many activities here to keep you busy. There are many local events and festivals to attend. You can even catch a local horse race or an ATV rodeo. You can also explore the breathtaking Hells Canyon. It’s an incredible 16-km-deep gorge on the Snake River.

Minidoka County is home to the historic Minidoka Dam. A trip to the Minidoka County museum is also a great way to learn about the area’s history. It contains artifacts from the past, as well as historical photos.

Lake Walcott State Park offers cabins and campsites. It is located at 959 Minidoka Dam Rd, Rupert, ID. Nearby, you can also take a leisurely kayak trip on the Snake River. You can also enjoy barbeque food at the local restaurant.

There are plenty of historical sites to visit in Minidoka County Idaho. The Minidoka Dam, a historic water dam on the Snake River, impounds an 8,000-acre lake. Nearby, there is the Minidoka National Wildlife Refuge.

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