Morocco 2026: World Cup Bid

With the bids submitted and countries eagerly awaiting the result, Robin (@robbiemac72) looks towards tomorrow’s announcement of the host city for the 2026 World Cup with a special focus on Morocco…
Morocco’s World Cup 2026?

Tomorrow sees the announcement by FIFA in St. Petersburg of who gets to host the 2026 World Cup. Two bids are being considered between Morocco and a triple joint bid by the USA, Canada and Mexico. FIFA, including the president Gianni Infantino, are understood to prefer the united bid which has promised to generate a profit of £8.1bn for FIFA compared with the projected £4.48bn the Morocco World Cup would raise. However, the romantics amongst us would prefer Morocco over a corporate style bid from United States and partners.

In an interview with my source in Morocco, the positives of the Morocco bid and how FIFA seems to lean favourably towards the USA /Canada/Mexico bid are outlined. Here my source outlines how the World football governing body are favouring the triple country bid.

“According to many media (as well as Mexican), Gianni Infantino has promised that this World Cup 2026 would go to North America, as a reward for the support he has received and who has positioned him as the boss of international soccer.”

 Two inspection visits to Morocco. 

“The World Cup bid task force added a second visit to have more guarantee on the FIFA requirements, and although Morocco gave all the guarantees and security necessary, and even The task force were satisfied, FIFA gave a negative signal and cast unfounded doubts and concerns about the Moroccan bid.”

Trumps intervention in threatening countries to vote for the US is itself a serious and dangerous incident.

“The US is keen to govern the soccer world, for sure, and the repercussions will be fatal. First victim of this scare: South Africa, which revised its position after its strong support to Morocco. SA seems to abandon the principles of African unity and solidarity by fear of being blacklisted by Trump.”

AIPS congress (May 7th – 10th) : FIFA snubs Morocco.

“At the Congress of the International Association of Sports Press (AIPS), there were two presentations, the first was the United Bid, the second was Morocco Bid. The FIFA delegation did the honour to United by attending their presentation, but did not do the same courtesy for Morocco, they left shortly after the Morocco bid was due to be presented. This attracted the attention of journalists who were there.”

Some of the positives of a Morocco World Cup:

“Morocco is a neighbour of Europe, better time zone with prime time games, no need for visas. Fans will have too much Fun ! It’s an open country, warm people, nice food and culture and soccer mad, and has about five or six stadiums which can hold 45000 people or more.”

  • Nice climate (Similar to that of Spain, Portugal, Italy and Greece.)
  •  Soccer is the number one sport; a real soccer nation!
  •  Easy travel access for fans (low cost airlines like Easyjet and Ryanair travel to Morocco)
  • Reasonably priced ticket – allowing fans to attend games.

Whatever the outcome, let’s hope that football gains a win, per say, tomorrow as I’d personally favour Morocco to host the 2026 World Cup. It would be cheaper and easier to travel to and would reflect on FIFA’s promises to give the tournament to developing nations and to grow the game in the North Africa region.

Here is the press pack issued by the bidding team if it takes your interest.

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