Manchester City facing FFP investigation. What could happen?

Manchester City are now the focus of independent investigations from four separate footballing bodies. FIFA, UEFA, the FA and now the Premier League are all looking into Manchester City’s finances.

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A Premier League statement read, “The Premier League has previously contacted Manchester City to request information regarding recent allegations and is in ongoing dialogue with the club,”

“We are currently investigating these matters and will allow Manchester City every opportunity to explain the context and detail surrounding them,” the statement continued.

This follows UEFA launching their investigation on Thursday. The organisation is said to be looking into “several alleged violations.”

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The investigations follow Der Spiegel published information from Manchester City leaked documents.

UEFA found that City was in breach of FFP in 2014, the same season that they beat Liverpool to the title. They settled on a £49m fine.

Now that City are being investigate by four different governing bodies, the biggest questions are what could happen to the Manchester outfit should they get proven guilty.

UEFA have eight different sanctions for a breach of the financial rules. These range from a slap on the wrist warning, to exclusion from UEFA competitions over the next few years.

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Other punishments could include a hefty fine, UEFA withholding revenue from the club and a transfer ban.

The punishment that would be of best news to Liverpool fans would be a points deduction. This could be dolled out by any of the four organisations, should City be found to be breaking the rules.

The Times reported that at least a dozen of the 20 Premier League clubs are planning to, or already have written to the Premier League to demand sanctions on City for their breaches of the regulations.

The Premier League will refuse to comment further until their investigation is complete.

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