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Are you a Liverpool fan? Is someone in your family a Liverpool supporter? Do they have all the latest shirts, books and DVDs on their favourite club? Perhaps as Christmas is approaching you’re scratching your head at what to get them as a gift relating to Liverpool FC. We’ll have a look at this! Winning Moves in association with Cartamundi have produced the latest version of a special edition Monopoly. With all your heroes gracing the cover of Liverpool FC Monopoly how can you resist. The most famous board game in the world was established in 1935 and is proven to be a great family favourite and now you can own your own exclusive special Liverpool edition. A perfect gift for that loved one for Christmas.

Cartamundi Ireland Ltd. formally part of Hasbro Inc. is the largest European games manufacturing plant in the Cartamundi Group. The Cartamundi Ireland Ltd. story began in Waterford in 1977. Manufacturing games like, Cluedo, Operation, Connect 4, Twister and Trivial Pursuit along with its flagship game, Monopoly.

The game of Monopoly was produced in America, under Parker brothers right up to 1991, when they were bought by Hasbro. In 1994 they began to license out other versions of the famous board game, resulting in over several thousand versions of Monopoly and cemented its status as the world’s leading and biggest board game. One of the licenses handed out was to Winning Moves, who created the football team versions of Monopoly, with Liverpool FC being easily one of their bestsellers.

One of the all time favourites was the 2005 Champions of Europe special edition. As a much sought after piece, it’s currently on Amazon for £89.99.

The Game
Pick your football token; a ball, trophy, goal or a whistle, choose your favourite players, travel to the Kop or the Kenny Dalglish Stand and accumulate fortunes, but watch out for taxes, jail and bankruptcy. Advance to Bill Shankly Mohamed Salah, Daniel Sturridge or Bob Paisley – will you owe rent or reap the rewards? The Fast-Dealing Property Trading Game is fun for the whole family. Move around the board, buying and selling players and stands.

Liverpool FC are one of the most successful clubs in the history of world football. They are also one of the most widely supported football clubs in the world. This special edition of a classic board game combines the stars of Liverpool FC with illustrious figures from the club’s past, and locations from Anfield stadium. The Liverpool FC Women, formerly known as Liverpool Ladies FC are also represented on the Monopoly board. Although all are former players of LFCW it’s a nice touch to the game board.

The Rules
If you own the title deed card to any of the Stands, the Main Stand, Anfield Road Standle, Kenny Dalglish Stand and The Kop. Other players pay rent when they land on the Stand you own. Similarly, if you’ve bought one of the players listed by paying the bank for the Title Deed card. For example, after landing on Mohamed Salah you’ve decided to buy the Mohamed Salah Title Deed card for 260 Monopoly money. Now, other players pay rent every time they land on Salah. Now you know how much our amazing Salah is worth in Monopoly money! The iconic Go To Jail space remains the same as the original Monopoly.

One can’t help thinking there would be many a Liverpool fan playing this special edition Monopoly who would love to send Mourinho to jail. Even former owners Tim Hicks and George Gilliett would be popular choices, after almost bankrupting the club.

The History of Monopoly
Monopoly has been translated into 47 languages and 275 million Monopoly sets have been sold in 114 countries. But how did it all begin?

Elizabeth J. Magie, better known as Lizzie Maggie, first made the game, known as The Landlord’s Game, in 1903, which was designed to demonstrate the economic ill-effects of land monopolism and the use of land value tax as a remedy for them. She is credited as being the inventor of Monopoly.

Charles Darrow is the father of the modern version of today’s Monopoly. Seeing his neighbors and acquaintances playing Lizzie Magie’s  The Landlord’s Game in which the object was to buy and sell property, he decided to publish his own version of the game, initially rejected by the Parker Brothers in 1934. The following year, 1935, the Parker Brothers reconsidered and bought the patent for Monopoly. Within a year, 20,000 sets of the game were being produced every week. Monopoly ended up being the best-selling board game in America that year. As we say, “the rest is history.”

Inside the game is a free Top Trumps card of Virgil van Dijk. Winning Moves also produces the bestselling Liverpool FC Top Trumps pack, with all the squad players and their ratings. This would be a popular addition in your shopping basket, along with the Liverpool Edition of Monopoly. To order your exclusive Liverpool FC Edition Monopoly and Liverpool FC top trumps cards go to, Winning Moves.

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Former journalist Insight Magazine Dublin & published poet. Currently work at Cartamundi Ireland. Liverpool fan since I was 10. Slowly embracing blogging or whatever this is.⚽️👍🏼✨

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