Liverpool Fans: The £6000 Rip Off

Tickets for Liverpool’s final game of the season at Anfield against West Ham on May 12th are selling for eye watering amounts of money. The cheapest tickets on Live Football Tickets website are at £1,000 rising to £5,950 for the best seats. In comparison on the same site the Liverpool v Leicester City game tickets ranged from just £75 to £240 for the same seats. This website is based in Madrid, Spain and is one of a number of sites offering tickets for astronomical amounts of money.

StubHub’s site has tickets for sale in their VIP Executive Box for an eye watering £6000 each. Tickets for the lower tier are at £4000 each. The lowest priced tickets on their site start at a staggering £990 but are in the away fans section. If you want to watch the game with your fellow Koppites then It’s £1,344. All these prices are before the various handling and booking fees not to mention delivery fees.

To give you a perspective on how the prices fluctuated for the Wolves match, one site, Event Ticket Master was offering tickets for the Liverpool v Leicester City match at the Kop End for £175 each and for the Wolves game also in the Kop End, it shoots up to £1,800. These ticket websites are certainly raking in the cash as fans desperately try to attain tickets to witness Liverpool potentially making history with their first Premier League trophy and their first league title in 29 years.

Liverpool fan, Jane Myatt from Staffordshire explained to me her frustrations in dealing with buying tickets at inflated prices online.
“We’ve been to a few matches this year this way paying out over £100 per ticket per match. We paid for Kop grandstand and were given Anfield rd lower right at back and couldn’t see a thing and those tickets were priced at £50 cheaper, we complained but didn’t get refunded for the difference.”
“It’s the only way we can get to see matches as never get tickets in members sales. We first we used StubHub but when they sell you tickets you don’t necessarily get the  seats you’ve paid for! “
No legislation currently exists in the UK to prevent the astronomical rise of face value match tickets online, on what are essentially legalised ticket touts.
In the Republic of Ireland which sees thousands of fans of the Premier League and Rugby attend matches on a regular basis the Irish Government is due to pass an anti-tout Bill in the Summer. This is to prevent for example, Six Nations Rugby tickets being sold for thousands of euros online, well above face value. This legislation could have a potential knock-on effect in the UK with the British Government following suit with similar legislation.
For Irish fans whom use certain well known and trusted travel agents based in Dublin all their packages deals for Liverpool matches are sold out, thus some fans may well be tempted to fork out thousands buying tickets with these sites just to witness an historic day at Anfield. Regular match goer from Waterford, Ireland, Ray Malone says he’s been offered €4000 for two tickets for the Wolves game.
”Yeah it’s madness but wouldn’t be a hope of me selling Wolves for ten grand each if it finally meant seeing us win another league at last.”

Robin McNamara

Former journalist Insight Magazine Dublin & published poet. Currently work at Cartamundi Ireland. Liverpool fan since I was 10. Slowly embracing blogging or whatever this is.⚽️👍🏼✨

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