Liverpool F.C.: A Divide in the Fanbase

The season hasn’t started yet and there already seems to be an uncomfortable divide between a lot of Liverpool fans on social media. Not helped by winning just one of our last five pre season games or signing a player who will instantly improve our first team squad. The other side of the argument is that we are European champions and we don’t really need anyone. Also the fact we should all just trust Klopp. There  has to be some sort of middle ground. I can understand why many fans will be frustrated at the fact we haven’t made any major signings in this transfer window. However, we have to take into consideration that our squad is one of the best in Europe and any player who would improve us is unlikely going to want to sit on the bench much, all while demanding big wages – this would probably upset an already very harmonious squad. Also, we aren’t City (thank god) – we won’t just throw money around for the sake of it at players who will only add depth to our squad.  Klopp wants a very specific type of player, where ability matches attitude, if that player isn’t available he won’t just get something else to appease other people and to be honest I think he has earned the right not to be judged before a ball has been kicked. Of course everyone can have an opinion but I think we should leave judgement until the end of the season.  We also need to consider how much better players get under Klopp every year without fail. Examples: Robertson, Matip, Salah, Manè, van Dijk, Trent, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Lovren, Firmino Henderson, Milner, the list goes on. I have no doubt there will be more to come from all of these players. Not to mention a full season of Henderson playing in the role he grew into at the end of last season, more time for Keita to be the player we all know he can be, a full season of Fabinho in the 6 and just the general improvement of the squad under Klopp and Pep Ljinders.  Although I think it’s too early this judge Klopp in this transfer window and to make judgements and predictions on our season, the pre season performances have been worrying. The results are meaningless but Liverpool have rarely looked like scoring many goals and have leaked simple goals at the other end. However we have been missing the front three and without them we are toothless but we were also missing Keita and Shaqiri who can occupy the wide areas when the others are missing.  This is why I think to use the performances in pre season as to why Klopp HAS TO buy back up for Salah Manè and Firmino is wrong because we may already have it at the club. Furthermore,  Liverpool have looked dangerous when Ryan Kent and Harry Wilson are on the pitch, also Rhian Brewster has 4 goals in pre season. Unless these players are sold and loaned out we do actually have viable options for all front three positions with the talented youth we have available.  As fans we are allowed an opinion and it makes you no less of a supporter by questioning what’s Klopp is doing at times. However to write off the season and say we are going to be fighting for top four again is just reactionary. Fans acting like spoiled kids and are angry if “wE dONt SigN ANyONe” need to relax. We are European Champions.  In my opinion it will be very hard to catch City and a signing or two  in the right areas would perhaps help us do that. The tranfer window isn’t actually over But if Klopp doesn’t believe the right player is available then I will put my trust in him and back him fully just like all of us did before last season when we spent big. If we do come up short against City then it’s okay to pass judgments as to why but until then I think this squad and this manager deserves our full support. 

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