Kieran Trippier following Sancho’s example is GREAT for English football

In the last few days, it has become apparent that Kieran Trippier is on his way to Atletico Madrid. The Champions League finalist is hoping to complete a £23m move to Madrid.

He played one game at the Wanda Metropolitano and decided to stay.

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This move will obviously not be beneficial for Spurs. Trippier is highly rated by many and is still frequently in the England team ahead of Liverpool’s Trent Alexander-Arnold.

That being said, Kieran Trippier moving abroad is a step forward for the quality of the national team. It may not be instant but in the next few years, it could influence younger players to try and play their game at foreign clubs.

More time away from home

Foreign clubs afford players more opportunity than Premier League clubs usually do.

Cardiff City didn’t play any players that were under the age of 22 last season.

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Trent Alexander-Arnold and Joe Gomez show how well trusting youth players can go for you. With Rhian Brewster expected to be added to that list in the next 12 months.

However, for many, breaking into the first team at a Premier League side is nigh-on impossible. We’ve seen it happen constantly at Liverpool. Players that look like they have a high ceiling not being able to fulfil their potential due to lack of playing time and quality competition.

The issue with staying at home

Being loaned out to a League Two side is all well and good. Playing week in week out for Wycombe playing against the likes of Plymouth and Newport County may be good development in the earliest of years. However, when you get to the age of about 22/23 and massive clubs are still expecting you to fight it out in the fourth division, there’s nowhere else for you to go.

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Jadon Sancho had the right idea. Leaving a big English club for a big foreign club and look where that has gotten him. He’s now one of the best young players in world football. Not just English football.

When a player is playing at an English club and shows any sign of promise, there is immediately a heap of pressure thrust upon them. English players are consistently overhyped by English media and fans alike.

Jesse Lingard is supposed to be this midfield dynamo in the making but the lad is now 26-years-old! He’s still considered a youth prospect by some, too. It does help that he acts like a pre-pubescent teen.

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Throughout Lingard’s entire career, people have bigged him up to be 10x better than he actually is. This has led to him having an extended career at Manchester United.

Then, when a player actually gets good, it’s only a matter of time before the media turn on him. Raheem Sterling, for instance. He has developed into one of the best-attacking players in the Premier League, yet, every single decision of his is put under a microscope and scrutinised by the tabloid media.

The toxic media

It shows a crazy double standard in modern football that allows people to believe these players are so much better than they actually are without even allowing them the freedom to express themselves in their football and develop into the players that they could be.

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If you were an up and coming footballer, what would you do?

Would you stick around at a club like Chelsea consistently being loaned to Vitesse Arnhem with no inclination of what next season will hold for you?

Or would you go out of your way to find a more accommodating club? A club that is actually going to afford you the chance to flourish. Away from the toxicity of the English media, too.

I know what I’d do.

Liverpool’s Rhian Brewster very nearly ended up joining Borussia Monchengladbach last season, due to the promise of first-team opportunity. Jurgen Klopp promised him that the same chances will be afforded to him at Liverpool.

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Other players should definitely begin to consider moving abroad to get their football in. Not only will it help the quality of individual players but in the long run, it will help England compete for International trophies on a larger scale.

Yes, they had a great run at the 2018 World Cup. However, England slipped at the first real challenge. Croatia played a good game of football and England couldn’t cope. If players are developing alongside these top tier players, playing in the same sides, in the same leagues as them, England will be more rife with talent than ever before.

The hope is that Kieran Trippier will set the example for the young players that are struggling to break through to look for their football elsewhere.

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