Is Robertson Liverpool’s Best Left-Back?

Since Alberto Moreno’s injury last month, Andrew Robertson has been a fixture of the Liverpool first team. The young Scot has had plaudits thrust upon him by many Liverpool fans. The Anfield Talk’s Dan (@DnnyJnes) poses the question of whether Robertson is better than the other options we have.

One of the most talked about Liverpool players must be Spanish left back Alberto Moreno, since joining the Reds from Sevilla in August 2014, Moreno had a fantastic start to his career since netting the spectacular goal against Tottenham, it has gone all downhill in many respects since presenting mistakes which have made Liverpool lose points and games, most notably the return game back to his former club in the Europa League Final against Sevilla. Andrew Robertson then joined the club from Hull City which many frowned upon since joining from the relegation hit team. But Robertson’s form has been impressive since given the chance in the first team due to Moreno’s injuries. The question is having the Scot in the first team due to Moreno’s injury managed to persuade Jürgen Klopp he is best for the job and does statistics back up the left back showing he is the better player?

Starting with the longer server at Anfield, Moreno, his first season in 2014/15 started off bright, playing in 28 Premier League games, that season he created 33 chances, and had an impressive 82% passing accuracy from left back. The first season saw his passing have 719 general passes however his unsuccessful pass rate was at 102. Long ball passes saw 46 in the first season however 40 didn’t come off. In comparison in Robertson’s first season, in 9 appearances, he has created 11 chances and has an average pass accuracy of 88% with 18 successful long ball passes and another 18-unsuccessful making half of his long balls so far for the Reds create opportunity. The most impressive aspect of Robertson’s passing is general passes, completing 444 and only missing 40, that ratio is amazing for a player in his first season for Liverpool.

If you compare the two, Robertson has a better ratio of passes to game and if he continues to play and manages the 28 games at least having the same created, we’re looking at 1,332 passes with 54 long balls surpassing Moreno’s passing in his first season. To compare to Moreno’s first season could be considered unfair however this season, Robertson still has better passing accuracy by 3% in the Premier League. But with 3 more games played Moreno occupies 501 normal passes better than his start to his Liverpool career. Moreno’s pass length has also been better by 2m and won more duel battles. However, in less games Robertson has created one less chance in the League than Moreno showing how he could be the better overall for the position. Being nurtured as well with Klopp, one very successful player could be added to the ever-growing list of Scottish legends. Overall in the passing department, Robertson looks the better player Liverpool have got.

Going into the main aspect of defensive duties, Robertson again comes out on top so far this season. In the three defensive zones Robertson has in fact beat Moreno in three of them if he continues in his current form and looks the better deal. Moreno has made more clearances at 38 compared to Robertson’s 23 however as we have said has played less league games. However, Robertson has 15 interceptions this term compared to 10 by Moreno. Blocks have two a piece by the pair. But with three games behind, Robertson looks like he could do better in all defensive departments.

In duels won, Moreno trumps the Scottish defender with 52% duels won compared to 36% Robertson has won. Moreno’s most successful duel has been taking on, winning 5/7 with 71% success rate and fouls at 70% with ratio of success to not at 16/23. However, Moreno’s tackling hasn’t been as good with a 54% unsuccessful rate with 54 bad tackles. Finally, height does make a difference but has a 57% unsuccessful rate of headers, a negative in duels but overall is a positive aspect of his play. Robertson on the other hand is worse at duels in the league than Moreno only having a positive ratio on headers. Winning 7/10, 70%. However, we learn duels are not Robertson’s strong attribute with 67% unsuccessful tackles, 86% bad fouls and 100% unsuccessful take on of opponents however only doing 4.

In comparison, you will find the statistics show Robertson as the better full back. Passing is overall much better and stronger in defensive duties which is the preferable attributes of your left back. Duels is something that can be worked on but overall for a team wanting the better player to compete, Robertson is your man.

Though Robertson looks the better to play, Moreno will not be disregarded since Klopp is a fan of switching the team so expect both to shuffle around when fit in all competitions. Robertson has shown Liverpool fans and Jürgen Klopp he is a class left back, backed up with the stats. At a young age, Andrew Robertson could be a Liverpool legend and has the potential. Moreno looks like a fantastic rotation because of some good stats but as a natural midfielder, we need if we’re going to compete, a proper natural left back.

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