Interview: Richy Sheehy

Richy Sheehy is a musical comedian and commonly known to Liverpool fans as Kevin who’s sketch singing a version of ‘Sugar Sugar’ by the Archie’s about Liverpool’s ‘Fab Four’ went viral featuring on ‘Soccer AM’, performing at Anfield while meeting Liverpool and Football legends. Life has changed since the video for the comedian from Cork and has agreed to talk to @TheAnfieldTalk @DnnyJones_ about what has changed since the video, what is happening in the future and opinions on the Reds. This is one to read.

TAT: What’s life been like since the song went viral?  

Richy Sheehy: Ludicrous is the only word really.

Enjoyable but also stressful. At some point, you realize you just cannot read or reply to all messages, or do everything everyone wants you to. Many occasions friends have been concerned that I look weak or ill so I’m trying to let myself relax a bit.

TAT: The opportunity to meet Liverpool legends, play on match day stage and feature on Soccer AM, what’s it like just a lad from Ireland doing a video to this?

Richy Sheehy: It’s incredible, the video was made as a form of procrastination from writing for a gig I had that night. I never imagined it would get outside a few friends in Cork. The character Kevin was created 2 days before when I was making a music video for a song I’m releasing about Cork.  Playing on the stage at Anfield was just insane and a dream I’d never have thought would come true. I’ve had a lot of kids tell me they became Liverpool fans because of the video so that’s a great feeling.

TAT: How did you feel to criticism, how have you managed to overcome and be confident to continue?

Richy Sheehy: I think when anything gets to a certain scale you’re always going to have criticism and that’s fine. I’m a stand-up comedian so I’m used to dealing with hecklers. The clear majority has been from people who still believe Kevin is a real person which is as much a compliment as it is a criticism. It’s been 99.9% love from people so I can’t complain. I’ve had a couple of people message me and threaten to beat me up but you just must ignore that. I feel sorry they obviously have sadness and problems in their life as a happy person has no need to act like that. Other than that, you get some bitterness, those people would be better off supporting the Blues.

TAT: How has family responded to the song and the reaction it has?

Richy Sheehy: Lots of support from the siblings. My mother was already the proudest mother so it’s more of the same. My father is old school so he still doesn’t comprehend it. He collected me in the city recently and asked who were the people I was taking pictures with… I tell him I don’t know them they just wanted a picture and he gives a baffled look back at me.

TAT: Any more songs going to be made and any thoughts of a potential LP?

Richy Sheehy: I’m a musical stand-up comedian so I already have a repertoire. My style however is dark social satire so it’s a far cry from the innocence of Kevin’s character. It surprisingly a nice release to bounce between the two.

I’m releasing in 2 weeks in Ireland a parody of Tracy Chapman’s Fast Car which is full of Cork nostalgia. That song does feature Kevin as that’s where the character originated from. I’ll follow that up with a song I have about the homelessness crisis in Ireland, that will be from myself and not Kevin. That’s about as far as I can plan currently. I’ll be continuing my stand-up around Ireland/UK and Europe so it’ll be packed schedule as it is.

TAT:  Do you get noticed in Ireland and has publicity increased with people wanting autographs and pictures and do you like this attention?

Richy Sheehy: I get noticed constantly, it was hard to shoot the last day of the music video for ‘Fast Car’ as there was a constant stream of people.

I wouldn’t say I dislike this attention, in the sense that I do appreciate it and everyone is well meaning and warm. In some cases, it feels great to hear you’ve brightened up someone’s day but obviously, I’ve thought about this before with my comedy and in general I’d like to be ‘Doug Stanhope Famous’. He’s my favourite comedian and he says he’s only recognized within a 100m radius and 1 hour time frame of his gigs. He has more respect and recognition for his work than he does mainstream fame. That would be the sweet spot. I don’t like the idea of losing anonymity completely, some of the memories I’ve had from this will always stick with me and I realize I’m lucky to have them but if everyday life was like this forever I’m sure there’d be good and bad days. I’ll ride the wave while it’s here and see where it takes me.

TAT: What do you think and feel of Liverpool now and what do we have to do to get back to the glory days? 

Richy Sheehy: I’ve always been an optimist. Apart from the dreadful Hodgson days. I think we’re making steady progression and are on the way back. I love Klopp, if he is backed and eventually gets the men he wants in each position I believe we’ll have a title challenging side. I love his passion and style of play and I think if we can add the 3 or 4 big signings in the right positions without major outgoings we’ll be there or thereabouts.

TAT: What’s been the biggest change from everyday life in Cork? Had life improved? 

Richy Sheehy: Well now I get constantly noticed which I’m still adjusting to, it’s funny how you’re held somehow to a higher standard than normal. I find myself being asked to explain a South Park reference I’d make in conversation when before it would’ve gone under the radar (I’m a massive South Park fan).

I will say that the general reaction everywhere, Cork/Liverpool/Amsterdam has somewhat restored my faith in humanity. Getting overwhelmingly positive well-wishers makes me realize most people in life are good people wanting good for the world. I think perceptions can become skewed because negative people usually shout the loudest, but 99% of humans are just trying to live a good life and enjoy what they can.

TAT: What did you want to send out, any message you wanted people to receive with the song or just showing your love for the club?

Richy Sheehy: I never in my wildest dreams thought this would get anywhere so I can’t say I was trying to send a message. I did truly feel when Coutinho left that we have a great squad so I wasn’t as concerned as say when we sold Torres or Suarez.

I think that’s the message it sends. It’s nice because there was initially a negativity around selling Coutinho but the song going worldwide changed the news story to a positive about Liverpool’s attack. I also think in hard situations like selling Coutinho that it’s better to tackle the issue head on, us addressing it meant no other club could mock us. It’s an Eminem tactic, people can’t mock what you address yourself. I like to think as well the song also has that little bit of wit that Liverpool were famous for in previous years.

TAT: What’s your opinions on Coutinho? And who’s your favourite players and why? 

Richy Sheehy: I’m am sad he’s gone of course. I don’t like bashing players unless they disrespect the club or join direct rivals. I think we must be realistic that players are just humans that have dreams and are even suited to different climates. You can’t expect every player to show the passion that we might as fans or that other players have. We got a great fee for him, he left us with so many magical moments so I think we should avoid bitterness, again bitterness is for the blues.

My favourite player used to be Lucas so I was very sad to see him leave. It’s hard to call my favourite player right now, if I’m pushed I’d probably say Bobby, how can you not love that guy!

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