Interview: Rahul Kevin Tanna

After recently hitting 12k on twitter and nearing towards 13k, Rahul Kevin Tanna, commonly known as RKT has agreed to speak to The Anfield Talk’s Dan (@DnnyJnes_) about the current situation surrounding Liverpool and experiences he has seen on his home and away travels. After visiting Melwood recently and Media passes from his course at UCFB to do work on match days at Anfield, he is one of the people who have a bright future in the game.

TAT: What’s your assessment about the squad now and what affect will the Coutinho saga have?

RKT: I don’t think the Coutinho saga is affecting us as much as it may have done in the Summer. With Salah in the team, Coutinho won’t be a big miss scoring for us anymore, but obviously, the way he has handled the situation has shown a lot of disrespect to both the manager and the club, but more importantly the fans. I can’t see him winning the fans over after this personally.

TAT: Who do you think is a viable replacement and who will fit to replace Phillipe Coutinho?

RKT: If Coutinho does leave us in January Liverpool won’t have enough time to sign a top-quality replacement – I can see us starting Mané, Firmino and Salah upfront with Ox just behind them at CM. I think that would work. In the Summer when Keita comes in, and I’m sure some players will be leaving (for example Emre Can) Jürgen will have enough time to sort the whole team out completely to ensure we can challenge for trophies again next season. I don’t see this happening but I’ve heard rumours of Liverpool being linked with Mahrez & Alexis. Both are great players, I personally love Alexis Sanchez, and think he would be great at our club. Again, I don’t see it happening but we can always pray and hope for the best! There is no doubt Jürgen Klopp has the potential to attract big players at this club, we saw this with Virgil. A top-quality defender who picked Liverpool over joining Manchester City.

TAT: What is your opinion of late of certain parts of the Liverpool faithful that have views non-Liverpudlians should get away tickets and rare home games?

RKT: For me personally, it doesn’t matter where you are from. If you support the team for 90 minutes and chant them on with pride and passion, in my eyes you are doing a good job and deserve to be there. I know there is a lot of heat on social media with locals and none locals, if you get abuse from locals I would ignore it. We are all fans at the end of the day, and all love following the club. Having said that, there are traditions and cultures we should all follow and respect about the club. When people come to watch Liverpool Home or Away and buy a half and half scarf, or come with a selfie stick – some may not like this and give you abuse based on your actions. Again, no one should be abused or have their day ruined by another fan that’s wrong, but at the same time it’s important to follow the traditions and values of the club, and learn the importance of what it means following and supporting this club.

TAT: Do you feel this is the first time since the near title win we have the chance to go for silverware?

RKT: I felt like we should have won two trophies in the season Klopp took over from Rodgers – in the League Cup Final and Europa League Final. This season our best shot is the FA Cup. A competition I feel we need to take seriously and challenge for.

TAT: What’s it like to have hit 12k on twitter and nearing 13k and the popular nickname of ‘Ticket Tanner’?

RKT: When I first got Twitter, it was literally just to interact with other Liverpool fans around the world and share opinions. To have hit 12,000 followers, get verified and see my name grow is an unbelievable achievement for me. It’s opened doors and helped me reach places I never thought I would have reached in my life. 2018 will be exciting, I have a lot more things planned for Liverpool fans all over the world. Stay tuned for it!

When I first got the hashtag #TicketTanna and saw everyone using it, I thought it was cool. I found it overwhelming and nice how just by helping other Liverpool fans around the world get tickets at face value – got me a lot of recognition online. I get messages daily from people all over the world thanking me for my efforts, and appreciating everything I do.

TAT: What advice would you give to Liverpool fans?

RKT: My one bit of advice for any of my followers who are looking to go into Journalism or the football industry would be, don’t be afraid to take risks and make mistakes. Check out @UCFBUK I study there myself, it’s a great university that opens doors into the industry. If you need any more advice or help, don’t be afraid to tweet me or direct message me!

TAT: Your assessment of the Everton game?

RKT: Last night was incredible – you couldn’t have predicted it or won the game any better. Virgil scoring the winner on his debut. It was important to get the win as this is a competition we can win, and should be taking seriously. Next week will be a bigger test for Virgil, against Manchester City and it will be interesting to see how he performs!

TAT: What was the Melwood experience like, which player shocked your expectations of themselves?

RKT: My Melwood Experience was perfect! It’s opportunities like this that stay with you as a memory forever. The facilities were great, and I’m one of the only football fans in the world and this country to have been invited to both my club’s training ground (Melwood) and country (England, St George’s Park). All the players were nice, they signed our merchandise and spoke to us rather than just signing an item, taking a photo and walking off. I was most looking forward to meeting Klopp and Mané, both were nice and smiling while talking to us. You can see how much they appreciate the fans and that’s a great feeling.

TAT: Opinions of safe standing in the Kop Grandstand?

RKT: Safe standing would probably be a lot safer and make a lot more sense in the KOP. I stand on the stairs of 305 at every home game with the regulars and we have all been saying it time and time again, safe standing would be better as it allows fans at the ground to pick if they want to stand or sit as many love sitting down. It’s working at clubs like Celtic so why can’t it work at Liverpool?

TAT: What’s it like travelling home and away from London every week is it money and time consuming?

RKT: Travelling Home and Away every match from London is a beautiful feeling. I can’t describe it; I feel very fortunate and lucky I have the time and money to do it cause not many fans do. You meet a lot of people who support the club the same way you do, and for me that’s incredible.

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