Interview: Kristian Walsh

In this very special interview with The Anfield Talk’s Dan (@DnnyJnes_), Kristian Walsh is next to face questions about our club. As a sports Journalist who covers both sides of Merseyside for the Liverpool Echo, he answers questions which have come up previously to give an insight into people’s various opinions. This will include what’s in store in the coming future, more tips from the professionals and topics that need answering. A very proud piece that has been produced with someone who is popular and respected as a top journalist and working for the most popular Liverpool newspaper, we are honoured to have him. With 57k followers, he is known to a lot on Twitter. Kristian also supports mental health so if this is affecting you do not hesitate to contact ‘Samaritans’ on ‘116 123’ or ‘The Mix’ on 0808 808 4994’, get the support to help you out. Enjoy the interview.

 TAT: What affect do you feel personally will Coutinho leaving have and who’s a viable replacement? 

 Kristian Walsh: I don’t think you can underestimate the important of Philippe Coutinho at Liverpool. I’m aware there are statistics out there which show a better win ratio without him in the side than when he is, but you must remember the sort of games he misses. They’re usually games Liverpool should be winning anyway. He’s a unique player in a role few can play as effectively. I’d plump for Fekir on what very little I’ve seen of him.

 TAT: What’s your opinion about how commercialized the club has come and do you think it will continue overtime? 

 Kristian Walsh: It’s an inevitability of modern football. There is a huge reach and it’s a global club now, something which should be embraced. It will only get bigger. However, it’s essential the heart and soul of the club are not forgotten either. Young, local support must be given as many (if not more) opportunities to enjoy everything around the club. I’m still unsure on Mighty Red mind you… but the kids love him!

 TAT: Where do Liverpool need to spend this money if FSG make it available?

 Kristian Walsh: Funds are available and it isn’t a case of FSG or keeping hold of it. The final decision rests with Klopp and if he isn’t sure on a player, he won’t sign him. Whether it’s this month or the summer, Liverpool still need a spine. Goalkeeper, centre mid (or two) and another striker to ease the load off Firmino.

 TAT: Opinions on FSG, in it for the money or the football?

 Kristian Walsh: They’re in it for the football. Whether they get that right all the time is up for debate. I can understand a fair bit of the discontent around them (and the Coutinho situation doesn’t help despite it coming down to Klopp) but they would be bad businessmen if they didn’t care about the football. If it was all about the money, it wouldn’t be in their interests to have a team incapable of challenging and winning trophies.

 TAT: What do you think in store for Liverpool’s future?

 Kristian Walsh: Trophies, hopefully. Providing Klopp and this squad are given time, then can become one of the best we’ve seen in the past two decades. What isn’t needed is the short-term outlook and itchy feet when they hit a rough patch.

 TAT: Finally, any advice for budding journalists?

 Kristian Walsh: Be original, be accurate, be hard working. Anybody can copy journalists’ copy and put it on Twitter or WordPress. Come up with your own thoughts, do your research, present it in an interesting way. Realize it’s a very difficult business now which is changing by the day. Respect those who are already in the business whether you agree with them or not. Be creative and offer something no one else is. And finally: don’t limit yourself to Liverpool. Being the biggest red won’t help you when it comes to getting what few jobs remain.

Oh, and finally: get your qualifications!

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