Interview: Jack Sear

Jack Sear is an editorial and social content producer for Liverpool independent website ‘Anfield HQ’. He has made appearances on LFCTV, Guardian Sports, Express Sport, BBC Newsbeat and Liverpool Echo and more of the well-known sports news providers. He has gone on to reach an impressive 42.6k followers and has established himself as a popular figure for Liverpool news. He has agreed to speak to Dan (@DnnyJnes_) from The Anfield Talk to establish his opinion on various topics that are surrounding our club such the effect of transfer dealings, who could be a good fit in our system and his very own tips to assist people who want to make the step into Journalism.

TAT: Assessment on Liverpool this season?

 Jack Sear: So far, so good. It’s been good to see us do so well over the Christmas and New Year period. We struggled this time last year but Klopp’s use of the squad has been very good. The beginning of the season was a little more disappointing but we’ve got back on track and are on target to achieve some good things this season. A trophy is needed sooner rather than later.

TAT: What effect will Philippe Coutinho leaving have and who is a viable replacement?

Jack Sear: Losing a player of that quality is always going to be a significant loss for a team but this was Klopp’s decision and I don’t think he’d have done it if he thought it would ruin our season and what we can achieve. As I expected, it seems he’s in no rush to sign ‘a replacement’ and I expect he’s got a good idea of the next batch of players he’s targeting and we should wait and see for them. Just as he did with Salah, Keita and van Dijk. It’s never easy to take top players off other teams halfway through a season. I like the look of what I’ve seen of Thomas Lemar but it seems the club may feel they can get better for cheaper. I can also see us looking at the likes of Christian Pulisic and Kai Havertz.

TAT: How did you manage to get where you are and what advice would you give to get into Journalism?

Jack Sear: I’ve got nowhere yet! Having said that, Twitter has been such a vital platform for me in terms of building up a reputation. People ask me how I accumulated such a large following all the time and to be honest, I’m not 100% sure. I’m just a passionate Liverpool fan that enjoys sharing news and opinions and engaging with others. The key is passion and commitment. In terms of getting into journalism, there are plenty of good websites and blogs that are always open to new writers. I’d contact as many of them as possible and go from there.

TAT: Opinions on whether Barcelona are not welcome anymore to buy from us anymore, could they and will they do it again?

Jack Sear: I’m sure they will be back. The problem is that Liverpool under Klopp seem to be very, very good at making good players into world class players. To be fair to Rodgers he did it with Suarez too and developed Sterling into a top player from a very young age. Things are done in the right way at Liverpool in terms of tactical work and the whole ethic of the club means that players go about their business in the right way off the pitch too. I can see Salah being the next player that Real Madrid and Barcelona come and look at. It’s testament to Liverpool and their recruitment/coaching in recent years. If they want to have a better chance of keeping these players then they need to start winning trophies, something I think they’re getting closer to under Klopp.




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