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DaveOCKOP is a football news twitter account who presents news as soon as it comes in while offering opinion on all things football. The successful DaveOCKOP has a very impressive 83.1k followers and growing. He talks to The Anfield Talks Dan (@DnnyJnes_) about where we need to strengthen to compete, opinions on the controversial Fenway Sports Group, whats responsible for the defensive leak and more.

 TAT: What’s your reaction about Coutinho?

DaveOCKOP: Coutinho was always going to leave. It’s unfortunate he left mid-season but it’s probably 6 months longer than some expected too. I for one thought he could have went in the summer. He caused a bit of a fuss before leaving but if he just stayed quiet he may have not gotten his move. Football is selfish and I think overall he acted admirably.

TAT: Where do Liverpool need to strengthen to be able to challenge at the very top?

 DaveOCKOP: Liverpool need a new goalkeeper, a creative midfielder and possibly a defensive midfielder. Naby Keita is due in the summer but he can only play one position at a time. To challenge over a period of a season we need depth in the squad. I am amazed that Klopp has shown so much loyalty to Mignolet. Mignolet, at times, can be brilliant but he’s not a top keeper consistently over a season.

TAT: Do you think Liverpool supporters have the right to be happy of a bright future in the coming months?

DaveOCKOP: It all depends on how the Coutinho money is spent. It was great to get Van Dijk but you’d have to wonder if that sale only went through because Coutinho was leaving. Klopp has a net spend of less than Swansea City I read recently. That’s unacceptable for a team who consider themselves title challengers.

TAT: What’s your opinions of FSG and are they just about the profit or have a side which is doing the best to help the team altogether?

DaveOCKOP: FSG are business people, first and foremost. They haven’t grown up with Liverpool in their blood like supporters have. I believe they do genuinely care about the club but they also care about profits, understandably. Their model is completely different to that of the likes of Man City or PSG. They seem to buy young players with the hope of making a profit within a 2-3-year period. They are doing their best within the model they have created but we are not going to see them pump huge volumes of money into the squad unless players are also leaving. Van Dijk was a huge statement but Coutinho left for double the money a week later.

TAT: How did you begin to become a twitter sensation to many Liverpool fans?

DaveOCKOP: Sensation? I am not a sensation but thank you for your kind words. I think people follow my page because they get all the news in one place with some opinion thrown in the mix. I enjoy keeping fans updated and having discussions on current affairs around Liverpool FC. Most people comment that they follow because they get all the news in one place. I also try my best to reply to as many people as possible.

TAT:  What do you feel personally is responsible for the goalkeeper or defence problem – coaches or the players signed and will Van a Dijk be the signing to change those fortunes around?

DaveOCKOP: I think it is a accumulative problem between Klopp and the players. Klopp was brought in because Brendan Rodgers went through a period where we were constantly conceding from set-pieces. Over two seasons on and we are still having the same issues. Klopp has the team in a fantastic way going forward but there are questions marks over his defensive managerial skills. I am sure many fans will disagree but the errors speak for themselves. However, I do feel Van Dijk is the man to bring some stability back to the side. He has a commanding and reassuring presence about him that neither Matip, Lovren or Klavan have.

TAT: Finally, do you feel we can win anything this year?

DaveOCKOP: I think we will do well in the Champions League. In two leg ties against any side in Europe I think we will cause some problems. Are we going to win it? Unlikely, but I think we will go far. We don’t have the consistency over the period of a season to challenge for a title yet but in a competition like the Champions League we will surprise a few.


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