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We’re not even midway through June, the World Cup hasn’t even started and people are losing their minds concerning Liverpool’s transfer business. Fear not. Anthony (@anthonymarkmcav) is here with a step-by-step guide with how to have a stress-free summer.

Generally, absolutely no-one has a clue when it comes to Liverpool’s transfers in the summer, the big few to pay attention to are James Pearce, Melissa Reddy and Paul Joyce. David Maddock can sometimes be on the ball but you literally never know. Then again, even Reddy and Pearce are increasingly becoming mouthpieces for the club.

As for the absolute chancers known as ‘ITKs’ on Twitter, they certainly have no idea what’s going on. You cannot expect that 17-year-old kids will know the ins and outs of Michael Edward’s plans for the summer transfer window. Saying it out loud will reinforce how ludicrous it is. Seriously, I don’t get how these people with a >1% conversion rate have such a following. Guess work.  I’m saying this as a 17-year-old. I’ve never pretended to have “sources close to the club” or anything of that ilk. Anything we publish is original content we work extremely hard for.

Basically, take anything you see with a pinch of salt.

Step Two: Don’t get ahead of yourself

As we’ve seen with the Nabil Fekir transfer so far this summer, nothing is certain until there’s anything official from the club.

Nabil Fekir posing for France ahead of the 2018 World Cup in Russia.

It was widely reported by even the most reputable journalists that Liverpool had completed the signing of Olympique Lyonnais’ attacking midfielder and captain, Nabil Fekir. With the aforementioned Paul Joyce even giving details of the initial £48.4m deal struck between the clubs.

The full story of how the deal collapsed hasn’t been revealed since with again multiple rumours floating round.

The point is that many Liverpool fans were imagining Fekir in the side, part of our midfield and fantasising about the prospect of Fabinho, Naby Keita and Fekir playing together. With good reason.

Naby Keita will join up with the Reds on July 1st, ready to be a part of Jurgen Klopp’s project at Anfield.

As hard as it will be, try not to get overly excited over the prospect of a signing before he’s actually seen in red.

Step 3: Keep calm

The last thing anyone wants, especially in June is for people to be exploding in anger because the transfer window is not going the way that they specifically want.

Trust is something hard earned and easily destroyed, particularly in the fickle world of Liverpool Twitter.

Keeping your cool and being rational is difficult especially with the way the season ended. There are reasons to be annoyed and there are reasons to speak your voice but taking shots at other Reds that disagree with you will literally solve nothing.

Step 4: Be optimistic

Towing the line between step three and step four is what most people find difficult, it’s keeping calm and still being optimistic about next season that people can’t seem to manage.

Optimism usually means that people are of the mindset that we’re going to sign four more world class players this summer and we’re going to win a quadruple next season.

That will only lead to disappointment.

You have to remember that this Liverpool squad, minus the two incomings this summer already got us to the Champions League final and if it wasn’t for a complete goalkeeping catastrophe, we could well have had hand on the famous European Cup.

Fabinho will join LFC on July 1, alongside Keita.

Now, consider that, but we’ve added two of the best young midfielder’s in Europe to the squad. Naby Keita and Fabinho. Both possess the power to revolutionise their respective positions and be in the side for the best part of the next decade.

It’s all about considering where we were and where we are. There’s still a lot to be desired and a lot of progress to make but we’re getting there.

Step 5: No matter what happens, support the Reds come August

We could end up with our two goalkeeping choices being Danny Ward and Loris Karius come the first game of the season in August. Equally, we could have Alisson or Jan Oblak in net.

From losing 5-2 at Anfield to being LFC number one? We can hope.

No matter our  situation, it will be a better one than what we’ve just ended the season in. An ever improving defensive unit. The best attacking trio in the league. The Reds are on the rise and there are so many different reasons to get behind the squad. From Jurgen Klopp himself, to the prospect of having Trent Alexander-Arnold captain the team in the years to come.


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