Coutinho to Liverpool: Could it Happen?

The Liverpool fan base has been sent into a frenzy due to rumours that have linked Phillipe Coutinho with a return to Anfield.

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The midfielder left Merseyside early 2018 and had Manchester United tout an interest in him. Coutinho rejected advances due to the betrayal of his former employers.

However, recently, Coutinho’s reports from many tabloids and sports-related pages have sparked a potential return for the midfielder. The reports were brought on by Kia Joorabchian, Coutinho’s agent.

The Coutinho rumour

Joorabchian spoke to talkSPORT regarding his client’s future. Stating that Phillipe Coutinho still has a ‘great affinity’ with Liverpool, and that a move to any of our rivals would be ‘very hard’.

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Rumours then circulated around Twitter suggesting that Coutinho has approved a Liverpool deal: an approach of a two-year loan deal which had an £88m release clause at the end.

No reliable Journalists around the UK have confirmed this rumour. With Antoine Griezmann taking Coutinho’s number and seemingly not being very happy within Catalan, a move could be on the cards within the next few weeks. The Reds would strengthen the squad before battling it out in the title race, plus attempting to defend the Champions League.  

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The rumours don’t seem to be something to get excited about. Considering none of the usual suspects like Paul Joyce and James Pearce have commented. However, they haven’t debunked the rumour. This potential transfer should be something to look at and see what happens within the coming weeks.

The signing of Coutinho would add quality to the front line as well as the midfield. It would also give an extra dimension to the European Champions for the coming season.

If the transfer goes through and Coutinho can replicate the statistics he managed to portray within his six seasons at Anfield we should be serious contenders for the Premier League if we weren’t already. Coutinho managed forty-one goals within those six seasons from midfield with an additional thirty-five assists.

He gained on average 0.27 goals per game. Had an excellent shooting accuracy with 31% with 157 of his shots on target for the Reds. Aside from his attacking contributions, Coutinho managed a cross accuracy of 26%; a brilliant record of 44.05 passes per game with 6,696 passes in total for Liverpool.

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When it came to defending Coutinho also did his part despite being an attacking player, managing a tackle success rate of 77% and never making an error that led towards a goal.

Could he really return?

Those statistics would make a player’s price shoot up and cost a fortune, hence why Barcelona paid £142m. Plus, the fact the ball would be within our court having a two-year loan deal with an option to buy would be a fantastic deal.

With Coutinho’s attributes and his loyalty recently to the club by not taking forward advances from rivals, why wouldn’t you want him back at Anfield?

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We are understandably annoyed with how he forced a move to Barcelona. It was his dream and with an apology and showing us on the pitch how good he is we should learn to forgive him and support him if he returns to Anfield. Forget about the chapter of his career that even he himself would want to put behind him.

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He would be a great signing and with a potential left-back as back up to Robertson, we would have brought two signings that will help us for the coming season and with Liverpool playing every competition a team can play this season, we need quality all around the team.

If the deal goes through and we decide to pay the £88m release clause we may get him for less. Since Barcelona have some unpaid payments regarding Coutinho’s transfer in 2018. He could prove to be a steal and make the decision to sell him one of the best decisions within the transfer market ever.

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