Bobby Duncan: What’s Going On?

In the last hour or so, Bobby Duncan’s agent, Saif Rubie, has released a rather long-winded statement regarding Duncan’s future at Liverpool. A statement which Duncan then retweeted. 

The statement cites mental health as a reason amongst others that Duncan didn’t feature in the U23s victory over Southampton on Monday. Now, if Bobby is seriously having mental health issues then we all wish him all the best but the statement states very similar reasons that were used when Duncan forced a move out of City.

I’m just going to run through the statement and clarify why it may be the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever read.

The first three paragraphs detail how Michael Edwards and Liverpool have blocked a move away for Duncan. They have every right to do this as the player signed a contractual agreement when he signed for the club. 

It also reads: “…£1.5 million upwards which is a great return for the club on a player who will never play or the Liverpool first and who doesn’t want to be there.” This is outright stupid. Klopp clearly has plans for Duncan in the long run as he was involved in the pre-season tour of the US and is still only 18 years of age. Also, if he doesn’t want to be here, then why did he force his way out of Manchester City just over a year ago?

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Edwards also blocked a clause in a loan offer which was an obligation to buy after 5 starts, thinking he wouldn’t make these starts. Again, this is correct from Edwards as Duncan hasn’t even proved himself at U23 level yet. 

The public “bashing” of Michael Edwards will do him and his agent no favours also. Edwards is responsible for bringing most of our current starting lineup in. He also insists on high prices for our players, Kevin Stewart to Hull for £8million for example. He knows his transfer policy and he knows his players so for his agent to repeatedly call him out publicly is borderline unacceptable.  

Here comes the important part. His agent mentions mental health and monetary reasons as to why Duncan is unhappy. He says Liverpool are holding him against his will which is factually incorrect due to contract reasons.

The fact that he also says Duncan is on a “very small salary,” (£15k a week, reportedly) shows how out of touch they are with the normal world as kids his age (and adults for that matter) would probably be very grateful to be what he’s on and to be involved at LFC.

His agent then throws Steven Gerrard into the argument. Duncan is obviously Gerrard’s cousin but this doesn’t give him any right to be a guaranteed player for Liverpool, he has to prove himself as much as most of the other young lads do.

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I get that it is his agent is the one that released the statement but the fact he retweeted is almost endorsing what has been said. Duncan is delusional if he thinks he should be anywhere else than where he is now, no one has the right to walk into a side that has just won the Champions League. Especially due to the calibre of player we have at the club.

He’s clearly got the wrong people around him with his agent being Saido Berahino’s also (shock, I know). Now currently in a Twitter battle with Jamie Carragher, the agent needs to back off before people truly turn on Duncan.

All you have to do is look at players like Rhian Brewster and Curtis Jones. These two have been patient and now Brewster has been promised first team minutes and Jones has been made captain of the U23s.

Again, if Duncan does have mental health issues then I hope he gets all the help he needs but on thing his for sure, he needs to get rid of this pathetic excuse of a person who calls himself an agent.

Forcing a move to your dream club? We’ve seen that before, haven’t we Bobby?

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