Being Andy Robertson

After a brilliant debut season with the Reds, Andy Robertson looks forward to building on that as Liverpool’s left back. The Anfield Talk’s Ian (@IanYoungKop) discusses the young Scot…

Growing up in Huyton and playing football on the streets as a kid, you was always expected to “be” someone. Most kids who were reds at that time wanted to be, Steve McManaman or Robbie Fowler. Even Stan Collymore, John Barnes or Ian Rush. Not me, I was odd, I had a soft spot for goalkeepers and fullbacks. Maybe it was because I like the underdog, and the fullback position is such an underdog role. Maybe it was because I knew I was limited as player when I was young, and the only step over I was capable of was, stepping over my sleeping cat in the hall!

The first player I remember really taking notice of and wanting to do well, was Rob Jones. Now I’m not sure whether it was because he signed so young, or maybe it was because of how impressive he was for us on his debut against Manchester United, keeping quiet a young whipper snapper called Ryan Giggs! “Trigger” was a great full back to watch, he got up and down that right flank like no one I had ever noticed before. At times it was like we had two wingers on that side. But as good as he was going forward, he was just as good at the back. Equally comfortable taking wingers inside and outside, jockeying, pressing and tackling, Jones had it all.

When Roy Evans took over, and utilised his wing back system, Rob was moved over to left wing back to accommodate new arrival Jason McAteer as right wing back, and again he impressed. I still believe to this day that Rob Jones is one of the most underrated players we’ve had, and another who was quite over looked for England. Unfortunately Rob he picked up injuries, his infamous shin splints kept him out for a long time and we lost that energy that was such a stand out characteristic from the lad. He eventually moved to West Ham, which turned out to be nothing more as a cameo before sadly Rob Jones had to retire after succumbing to injury at the age of 27.

Andy Robertson has got me excited in that way again, he seems different to the fullbacks we’ve had before. His consistency is crazy, always giving you at least a 7/10, his pace and energy is a sight to behold. But just like Rob Jones, his defending is on a par with his attacking. Defending from the half way line backwards, he epitomises Klopp’s style of play. He never stops running, and is capable of finding Mo or Bobby when crossing from deep. In the modern game, I feel fullbacks are more appreciated, and Robertson and Arnold are rightly getting their plaudits. After a slow start at LFC, Andy Robertson was right up there with our top performers last season, and other than Alonso at Chelsea, I don’t see another Premier League left back being better than him! Looking at how it went last season, towards the end, the media was beginning to notice what Robertson is all about, and hopefully he can continue wowing us all! When I was 13/14 I was Rob Jones in the streets of Huyton, I wouldn’t be surprised if there was more than a few kids wanting to be Andy Robertson.

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