Allez Allez Allez

We’ve conquered all of Europe
And we’re never gonna stop
From Paris down to Turkey
We’ve won the fucking lot

Bob Paisley and Bill Shankly
The Fields of Anfield Road
We are the supporters
And we come from Liverpool

Allez allez allez…

These are the words that have been reverberating off walls, wherever Liverpool supporters have found themselves, these last few weeks. They represent more than just a football chant.

The tune to Allez allez allez is often the soundtrack to European football and can be heard throughout ultras sections across much of Western and Southern Europe. Some say the song originates from Neapolitan football stands of the past, however, this seems unlikely, as the word ‘allez’ is French. Without much influence from foreign countries, it is unlikely the Napoli supporters would have ditched their native tongue for another. The idea isn’t impossible though.

It is more likely that as people travelled through Europe and became more aware of other cultures, the chant was picked up and taken home to be adapted into something more familiar whilst keeping its French roots.

The chorus ‘Allez allez allez’… literally translates into English as ‘go go go’, but in reality is more of a rallying cry to get behind your team.

The fact that Kopites have adopted the song as their own is not by chance. A lot of Scousers have always had a sense of being more European than English. Since the days of when thousands of sailors, from around the world, came into Liverpool, the city has been multicultural and accepting of other cultures. This has helped to create the ‘Scouse not English’ state of mind. The glorious European success of the 70s and 80s only amplified the red half of the city’s feeling of internationalism.

Therefore, there is no coincidence that this new Kop phenomenon is fast becoming a fan’s favourite. This song only cements Liverpool’s unlikeness to almost all other English teams for the next generation.

The reds in Europe go back a long time
It isn’t the sole responsibility of the fans to carry on the traditions of our fathers. The players also play a key part in securing our status amongst Europe’s elite. The team’s good form this season has left fans feeling optimistic, even in defeat. The away end, post-match, at Old Trafford is a shining example of that. Even after a defeat to our arch-rivals, the mood was only slightly dampened and the spirit remained strong.

The notion of ‘typical Liverpool’ (drawing against lesser teams, whilst beating the top 6) is slowly being expunged from the minds of supporters, due to a new found confidence, that potentially hasn’t been seen since the 1980s.

If Anfield can consistently produce atmospheres of belief rather than uneasiness, with the help of ‘Allez allez allez’, then who knows how far we can go under the current manager.

Allez allez allez and up the reds!

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