Greetings for Salah from a Syrian Refugee Camp

This video captures a group of young Syrian refugees, who have fled to Lebanon and left everything behind. In English and Arabic, they are greeting Mohamed Salah and telling him that everybody at their school loves him. It would make their year if Mo could send a short response.

These children, in particular, are living in informal refugee camps in the Bekaa Valley, Lebanon. Some of the refugees are orphans and most have very little. The war in their home country of Syria has forced them to flee, leaving everything behind. The Bekaa Valley is just one of the places which some of the fleeing Syrians have settled, for now.

There isn’t much that these children can do for fun, however, Liverpool and Mo Salah especially, (due to the Arabic connection), bring them joy. They kick stones and bottles around impersonating their heroes. It’s a scene not too dissimilar to one seen on a street around Britain, however, these children don’t have a warm home to go back to. Instead, they are living in tents, which can become dangerous through the winter months.

The children in the video go to schools called ‘Al Amal’. This means ‘hope’ in Arabic. They are run by a non-governmental organisation called MAPs (Multi Aid Programs). This program was set up by the refugees themselves. The schools are all non-religious and non-political. In total there are five schools like this, for children aged 4-15.

These are just a few of the millions who have been forced to flee their homes and their country with nowhere to go.

Whilst getting a reply from Salah is difficult to make happen, I am also asking for donations of shirts as part of the #shirtforfree movement.

If you can, please help me out at @sammillnelfc on Twitter.

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