Where We Went Wrong

In all due respect, If I was to name this article ‘Where We Went Right’ then I could end this article in no more than 20 words. However, for all you avid Liverpool FC fans out there, lets take a closer look at the disappointing game on Saturday against Manchester City.

The game kicked off at 12:30 in the Etihad stadium and to be fair to the Reds, we started with good possession of the ball, mainly thanks to our right attacker Mohamed Salah. This small glory didn’t really last long as Man City began finding creative ways to dominate possession yet held themselves back by handing out free kicks to us especially around the box. Saturday’s match didn’t really improve from there; with our incredibly talented young player Trent Alexander-Arnold being awarded a yellow card in the 20th minute and Sergio Aguero putting City 1-0 up in the 25th already made us fans begin to doubt how well the Reds were going to perform throughout the rest of the game.
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In terms of players and how ‘well’ they played, I think the Reds were lacking in teamwork and held a very low pass success rate compared to other matches. Lets focus on one player and the very controversial topic of: Did Sadio Mane deserve a red card? Because, as many fans are, I am not happy about this. From one point of view I get that kicking someone in the face; fracturing their cheekbone and breaking their jaw should warrant a red card. Although, from another point of view, Mane didn’t intentionally do it (and even if he did then nobody knew anyway). Anyone watching the match, whether it be at the stadium or even at home on telly, could blatantly see that Sadio was so intently watching the ball and seemed so  determined to win for the Reds that he probably didn’t even see Man City’s keeper Ederson. Yet still, Jon Moss gave the red card, and unsurprisingly got a lotttt of hate from the Reds supporters. Obviously, like many of you, I was very annoyed at this but to be completely honest, I am more mad at the fact that, during a game between Newcastle United and Swansea City on Sunday, Newcastle’s Matt Richie was given a yellow card for a highboot on Swansea player Alfie Mawson. A yellow card. A very similar offence to that of Mane’s yet was let off lightly due to the fact that the ref didn’t see the contact. Bullshit. Absolute bullshit.Embed from Getty Images

So off went Sadio Mane. The 5 extra minutes added onto half time only gave Man City a chance for another goal. And another goal they scored, thanks to Kevin De Bruyne’s assist for Gabriel Jesus. The score after half time left the Reds with hope, surely they can come back from a 2-0 start? Team manager, Jurgen Klopp, made the decision to take off Salah and bring on our newest singing, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain which was probably the best part of the game for us as he really proved himself to be worthy. In such a bad game for the Reds, Ox was a pretty decent player showing real potential in his debut match. Which is an obvious thing to point out as we know that Klopp had been watching Ox in his former club, Arsenal, and saw how much potential he has. I only hope the Reds next match will be better than Saturdays to prove to Ox that Liverpool is what’s best for his career.

Jesus brought the score to a whopping 3-0 to City before he was taken off and replaced by Leroy Sane. Klopp then made two substitutions of his own in almost 10 minutes; bringing boring James Milner and newcomer Dominic Solanke on for Georginio Wijnaldum and Roberto Firmino in the 58th and 67th minutes. Recent sub, Leroy Sane made up Jesus’ goal streak by scoring for City still leaving the Reds many goals behind and in the 77th minute, it was unlikely that the Reds could make up for that. With Emre Can adding fuel to the fire by earning himself a yellow card, we should have quit whilst we were ahead in all honesty.

Sane completed his brace to give City the 5-0 win against the Reds that has eluded them since 2014 and so in conclusion:

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