Player Ratings: Liverpool 2 Sevilla 2

Firmino (21′), Salah (37′) // Ben Yedder (5′), Correa (72′)


22 chances created. Only seven on target. Two goals. Sevilla create three, and had two shots on target, and scored twice.

That speaks volumes about both Liverpool’s attack and Liverpool’s defence. There is a lack of ruthlessness in both boxes.

Sevilla’s first goal comes after several mistakes, Emre Can failing to make a clearance, Emre Can not following his man, Dejan Lovren failing to clear, Emre Can failing to clear again, Alberto Moreno being out of position.

Liverpool get back in the game with some beautiful football, a lovely one-two between Henderson and Moreno, before Firmino taps in.

The second is wonderful from Mohamed Salah. Working hard to win the ball back and getting a massive slice of luck with the finish.

Liverpool win a penalty and cannot convert it.

Sevilla equalise. It comes from nothing, a throw in. They waltz through the midfield. Emre Can is nowhere. Matip and Lovren are too far apart. It’s a good finish.

Loris Karius- 6/10
Some good kicking. Can’t do much for either goal.
Joe Gomez- 4/10
Think he could do better for the first. Was a good attacking outlet. Picks up two stupid yellows.
Joel Matip- 6/10
Decent. Makes a mess of a clearance and subsequently nearly lets them in at one point. Other than that, fairly good.
Dejan Lovren- 4/10
Makes a really bad mistake early on and never really recovered. Poor from the Croat.
Alberto Moreno- 6/10
Was excellent going forward, especially in the first half. Lovely for the first goal, with the pass for Firmino. Defensively? Left something to be desired. Positionally poor for their first, almost gets sent for a silly tackle.
Emre Can- 5/10
Poor for both goals. Really poor for the first, he should clear that easily and then there’s no issue. He doesn’t. Massively out of position for the second and is caught jogging back. Has a really good chance at one point that goes inches wide.
Jordan Henderson- 6.5/10
Some good passes forward, wonderful pass for the first. Was generally good in possession and recovered the ball a lot. Faded as the second half wore on.
Georginio Wijnaldum- 6/10
Good in possession, lovely control and dribbling. Created a few chances. Faded really badly in the later stages of the second half.

Mohamed Salah- 8/10
Loads of pace and trickery. Beautiful touch, and some great turns. Gets a ton of luck with his goal but he deserved it for his work in the buildup to it.
Roberto Firmino- 7/10
Really good on the ball, lots of work off it. Found himself in good positions, and got the equaliser. Could’ve put the game to bed but hit the post with his penalty.
Sadio Mané- 8/10
Very lively. Won the penalty, could have had about four. Got kicked loads and just comes back stronger. Created lots of chances, and linked up well with Moreno.

Philippe Coutinho- 510
Tried to create but not much was coming off for him.
Daniel Sturridge- N/A
Had about ten minutes to try and change the game. Feel for him.
Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain- N/A
Had about three minutes to try and change the game. Feel for him.

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Chris Anderson

Lifelong Liverpool fan from north-east England.Been writing about the tricky Reds since 2014.Constant mess of song lyrics. Daniel Sturridge enthusiast.
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Chris Anderson

Lifelong Liverpool fan from north-east England. Been writing about the tricky Reds since 2014. Constant mess of song lyrics. Daniel Sturridge enthusiast.

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