A Trent In Need Is A Trent Indeed

At the ripe old age of 18, Trent Alexander-Arnold  is showing a tremendous amount of potential for the Reds. With 11 appearances, including 6 in the Premier league under his belt, I feel as though it is more than adequate for us all to begin to expect the paramount from our young defender.

‘One of the most all-round talents in Europe’-Pepijn Lijnders

After already being at the club for 12 years and being captain of the under-16’s Trent is fully aware of the pressure needed to make sure he performs well for his team. With this in mind, Trent seems to regularly demonstrate his indisputable talent at LFC. In comparison with our awe-inspiring defender, Nathaniel Clyne, we see that Cylne struggles to get forward and make an attacking impact. Whereas, with Trent’s positional versatility, he is much more suited to providing attack from the wing.

As well as Trent having a remarkable eye for a pass, our talented youngster is notably established for his first-class crosses; some of the balls played by him are purely sexual. It seems the only issues with Trent’s crosses are the fact that we have no real aerial threat from our attackers in the box, which leaves his perfect crosses having to fall flat again and again. With our red attackers helping TAA execute these absolute crosses, we can hope that our team will begin to fluently bring home wins once again.

‘My Liverpool dream came true, but I am only just getting started’- Trent Alexander-Arnold

With already having the legs, it’s come as no surprise that Trent also carries the pace. Given the fact that we majorly deem Trent as a jack-of-all-trades character, his pace is desired all over the pitch. Whatever position manager Jurgen Klopp seems to hurl TAA into, he remains focused and unfazed. An incredible addition to what was already an incredible team. Even being as young as 17, Trent was able to sign his professional contract with Liverpool FC. Trent began playing sporadically, but even then we were able to see his full potential, leading Klopp to make the only logical choice of allowing Trent to help boost the Reds’ amount of victories. Furthermore, we see Trent’s absurd pace on and off the ball; not a hint of slacking anywhere on the pitch or even in training.

Trent has only made seven league appearances this season, yet we’ve still been somewhat impressed by his level of skill through all aspects of his game. When his chances of playing in the first team are scanty, Trent’s qualities are still utilised as he is an important member of the under 23’s squad.

Trent is given a platform to show his immense range of talent playing for Mike Garrity’s team. Even scoring for the young Reds in the mini-derby in their final game of the season away to Everton. In a triumphant end to their campaign, Trent got on the end of some fluid play from fellow first-team bench regular, Marko Grujic, and finished with a sweet finish passed the Everton keeper.

Trent actually has quite an impressive scoring pedigree, especially for the England National Youth teams, scoring a very respectable seven goals in eight games. The future is very bright for our young spark-plug, you would be hard tasked to find another Englishman with the amount of versatility and potential that Trent has, especially at his age. With him coming out in a recent interview and talking about his desires to become the captain of Liverpool Football Club, he’s only endeared himself to the fans more. Despite being born in Derby, I think it’s safe to safe to say that Trent is firmly an adopted Scouser.

‘There will be goals to achieve along the way, but until I captain Liverpool I will not be satisfied.’ – Trent Alexander-Arnold





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